Women’s Shaving: Why Women Remove Facial Hair – From Chin Growth to Peach Fuzz | Beauty


Name: Female face shaving.

Age: It’s not a question you ask a lady.

Not you. I meant the practice of women shaving their faces. Ancient, apparently. Japanese prints dating from the 16th century show women shaving; Queen Elizabeth I shaved off all her facial hair, including her eyebrows; and Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor were considered passionate razors.

Appearance: Glabrous, shiny, shining.

I guess women shaving their faces make headlines? Correct!

What motivates him? The usual things: the boredom of confinement; the quest for beauty and timelessness; and a host of videos on TikTok and YouTube by influencers such as makeup artist Jaclyn Hillwho extolled the glories of shaving.

What is an influencer? Don’t be ridiculous.

What are the benefits of to shave for women? It gets rid of unwanted facial hair (obviously); removes dead skin; smoothes the face; and acts as the perfect platform for foundation and any other beauty product.

And the disadvantages? The risk of cutting yourself. Sensibly, Hill suggests you do it when you’re sober — and not using your dad’s rusty old razor.

So what should you use? Well, if you’re going to try it out at home – and we don’t necessarily recommend it – there are plenty of razors, trimmers and electric razors made specifically for this purpose. There’s also a range of ‘dermaplaning’ tools available, if you’re willing to shell out £50 or more for what is essentially a fancy razor.

Dermaplaning? It is a type of exfoliation performed by a beauty professional. Dead skin and facial hair are removed to leave you radiant and gorgeous.

Expensive? Around £60 for a basic treatment. Closer to £100 if you want a peel, needling and the full rejuvenation process.

Worth it for eternal youth! The effects are said to last for about three weeks.

You don’t seem like a fan. Beauty treatments try to hide the fact that we are aging. They are a way to take advantage of young people’s insecurities.

I thought that hair grew faster and coarser if you shave regularly. It’s an old wives’ tale.

Yes, but old women talk a lot of common sense. There’s no evidence that shaving promotes faster hair growth, although if you’re quite hairy in the first place, you may be aware of some stubble. However, this is mostly the elimination of the very mild “peach fuzz”.

Say: “Five hours and no shade!”

Do not tell : “Does anyone have a cast?”


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