Use shaving cream to keep your bathroom mirror fog free

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Not everyone is lucky enough to live somewhere with a bathroom that has a powerful exhaust fan, or any exhaust fan. This means that stepping out of the shower will feel like stepping into a steam room instead of your own bathroom.

But even when the steam clears, chances are the mirror is still fogged up. And if you’re doing anything that requires the mirror, like brushing your teeth, combing your hair, or shaving, you’ll have to wipe it off with your hand or a towel (but that’s not ideal either, because then the the mirror is just wet and streaky).

Turns out there’s a way to keep your mirror from fogging up, and it involves something you might already have in your bathroom: shaving cream. Here’s what to know about the home hack.

How to Use Shaving Cream to Keep Your Bathroom Mirror Fog-Free

The process is quite simple. Start by putting a relatively small amount of shaving cream on the mirror, the amount you would use for a cleaning product. (You’re not actually shaving the mirror, so there’s no need for a thick coat.)

Then simply wipe and polish the mirror until you can see each other again. The mirror may be a little cloudier than usual, but it’s either that cloud or giving the post-shower vapor cloud a chance to fog up your mirror.

So why does it work? Shaving cream is a surfactant, which means it helps prevent particles of water condensation from sticking to mirror glass, according to Pleasanton Glassworks.

And how long is it effective? It seems to depend on a variety of factors including how many showers there are in the bathroom and whether you are working with even a weak exhaust fan or no fan at all. But in general, anti-fog protection can last anywhere from A few days has a a few weeks.


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