Tips for cleaning shaving foam – how to clean your home with shaving foam


Turns out, shaving foam has more than one hack up its sleeve and isn’t just reserved for making slime with the kids (and, you know, being used for shaving!)

No, the bathroom basic gets a new look, this time as a must-have cleaning product, with surprisingly good results. And while we’ve heard of the mouthwash cleaning hack, and even the tea bag cleaning hack, some of these shaving foam cleaning hacks were new to us.

Tips for cleaning shaving foam

From stained couches to cloudy mirrors and even grime-covered car seats, shaving foam cleaning hacks are making the rounds of the internet and we can see why! And costing just pennies for a can, the cost implications of these basic bathroom cleaning hacks are staggering!

Dominic Lees-Ball, bathroom expert at Soak says: “The pandemic has caused many people to examine their finances and consider ways to limit their spending, so we all want to find affordable items that you may already have at home, which could be cleaning products efficient.

1. Mirrors

Two black rimmed wall mirrors hang above double white sinks in bathroom

(Image credit: Fiona Walker-Arnott/Future Plc)

First, the bathroom mirrors. Whether hung in the bathroom, bedroom, or living room, as shaving foam cleaning tips do, the technique is simple. Simply lather a little onto the surface, leave on for a minute, then wipe off with a clean, dry towel, for a streak-free finish. Plus, it will help prevent bathroom mirrors from fogging up after a hot shower or bath.

2. Canapes

Gray sofa in living room with paneled wall and parquet floor

(Image credit: Willow & Hall)

Then the canapes. Many of us are the proud owners of living rooms with gray sofas, but how many of us also cover them with throws and blankets, lest they become dirty and stained?

Well, worry no more, because this is where shaving foam cleaning tips come into their own. Simply cover the stain with a dollop of suds, leave on for about 15 minutes, then remove with a damp cloth and let dry. Your stain should be removed, leaving a fresh, fresh couch for you to fall in love with again.

However, don’t go on a shaving foam spree just yet, because Sarah Massouh, founder of willow and hall (opens in a new tab) Explain.

“Shaving cream is a form of soap that also usually contains alcohol, which is why it can be used successfully as a cleanser around the house. Some heavy-duty fabrics may respond well to cleaning with shaving foam, however, we wouldn’t recommend starting to spray your most expensive furniture without doing a thorough spot test and checking the fabric care guides first!

3. Car seats

car interior with clean black car seats

(Image credit: David Motton/Future Plc)

Car seats are next, and best approached the same way you would your couch, so your shaving foam cleaning hacks are kept super simple.

Experts at Vanarama (opens in a new tab) we suggest, “simply spray shaving foam on car seats, rub it in with your hands or a brush, then use a damp cloth to wash it off. Bonus points if you have a fabric vacuum to help get rid of any excess moisture.

4. Carpet

Gray armchair in living room with light beige carpet and cream rug

(Image credit: Future Plc/Simon Whitmore)

Carpets are always difficult to clean, especially if they are light in color. Also, knowing how to care for carpets is always a bit of a minefield.

If you’re looking for an affordable and effective carpet stain remover, shaving foam will do the trick. Simply work the mousse into a spot and wipe it off with a damp cloth, it works wonders on makeup marks and even spilled squash.

“I swear by this hack, I used it when I shared a glass of black currant squash on the cream carpet in my rented apartment,” said Rebecca Knight, associate editor of Ideal Home. “I used the hack straight away and it left no trace of the spill. However, I would recommend testing it on a small section first to make sure it works with your carpet before tackling the whole stain.

And the cleaning powers don’t stop there. Try shaving foam cleaning tricks to get rid of red wine splatters on your clothes, tea and coffee stains on your countertops, and even burnt-on grease on your hob!

So next time you’re stocking up on toiletries, be sure to add a box of shaving foam to your cart!


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