TikTok leg shaving hack proves we’ve been wrong this whole time


This viral TikTok leg shaving hack has us thinking we’ve been shaving our legs badly all this time.

This viral TikTok leg shaving hack has us thinking we’ve been shaving our legs badly all this time.

Shaving can be a hassle, and anyone who has shaved in a hurry knows that this tedious task can sometimes be uncomfortable, often leaving you with pinches and cuts. And is there anything more irritating than realizing you missed a patch?

If you’ve tried and failed with other beauty treatments (opens in a new tab) like waxing or laser hair removal, why not give shaving another shot?

Turns out you might have been shaving your legs the wrong way all along and a viral TikTok video has demonstrated an awesome way to get a smooth, fast, and seamless shave in no time.

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TikTok Lauren Henderson demonstrated the time-saving shaving method in a video that has since gained thousands of likes, saying the hack has “changed her forever”.

Simply keeping your razor against your skin and sliding it up and down your leg without lifting is key!

Lauren explained, “I literally just did this this morning, so grab your razor!

“You know how we soap our legs and we shave, and we shave, and we do all that stuff, right? Wrong! So wrong! Try this instead: shave, but don’t don’t lift.”

Woman takes care of herself, depilated legs with epilator, sits on chair, body curves, sun rays on skin, prepares to go to summer sea. Epilation Cosmetology procedure for hair removal. SPA concept.

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Lauren added: “It literally took me five seconds per leg to shave my legs this morning, that’s the fastest pace it’s ever taken me in my life.

“And you can also go over your knees, and it doesn’t cut you!”

You also won’t need to keep pulling the razor away from your skin to rinse freshly cut hairs, as the downward motion releases loose stubble from the blades and leaves it at the top of your leg.

As always, be sure to use a clean, sharp razor and thoroughly lather your legs with shaving cream, oil or conditioner – to avoid any snags or cuts!


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