This Bushbalm shaving duo saves my skin from razor bumps


Over the past few years, my philosophy on body hair has loosened up a bit. As a college swimmer, I shaved my legs and pits daily, living in constant, irrational fear that my crush would wander the poolside and be kicked back by a stray wisp. These days, my worries have shifted to more important things, like filling out tax forms correctly and throwing away The ultimatum: Get married or move on to anyone who wants to hear it. However, one non-negotiable practice I always stick to is keeping my bikini area smooth and hair-free, especially before summer. (If you haven’t already, it’s time to find your favorite swimsuit.)

Unfortunately, I have extremely sensitive skin. So sensitive that shaving more than once a week with a normal razor will cause a spot of red pimples and ingrown hairs in the very spot that I’m trying to minimize. So when I was offered a sample of a bikini trimmer and ingrown hair serum of Bushbalm, I was totally into it.

The Francesca Trimmer Bushbalm first caught my eye. I had always been intimidated by electric shavers, but this cordless, waterproof design seemed so easy to use in the shower (and spoiler, it is.) The first time I tried it, this trimmer is Passed directly under the tap without any problem. at all, and provided a close and smooth shave, even in usually hard-to-reach places. An additional bonus? It also has five hours of battery life, and since I only use it for a few minutes at a time, I can go weeks without plugging it in (a lifesaver for travel).


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The minutes after shaving are usually spent aggressively applying lotion and praying for a breakout-free day. Fortunately, this is where Bushbalm Nude Ingrown Treatment Oil After applying the lightweight, hydrating oil between my legs and under my armpits, my skin began to relax with a blend of jojoba, grapeseed and tea tree oils. Over the course of a few weeks, I even noticed that the existing ingrown hairs started to disappear, saving me from all the itching and sore they were causing. (BTW: So many shoppers are in love with this razor bump serum.)


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Although I still get shaving bumps from time to time, the situation has been improving for ages thanks to this duo, and I honestly won’t attempt hair removal without them. I can even trim my swimsuit twice or even three times a week without causing any irritation. Buy it Bushbalm Francesca Trimmer and Ingrown Treatment Oil on Amazon Where Anthropology to enjoy a stress-free shave.


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