The shaving cream that makeup artists swear to remove foundation stains from clothes


If you’ve ever taken off a sparkling white t-shirt (before) and were horrified by makeup smudges everywhere, then this makeup artist hack can be a lifesaver.

The hack removes stains so well

Isn’t it a nightmare when you take off your once sparkling whites and notice there’s a rim of orange foundation around the neckline, and that gorgeous red lipstick you’re wearing has also faded? transferred to the cervix?

Before, you probably would have dropped it in the wash and hoped for the best, but the best probably isn’t good enough.

Well, worry about makeup stains no more, because an organization and cleaning guru has shared their secret to removing makeup stains from clothes – using just one basic product.

Melbourne mum-of-two Chantel Mila, better known as Mama Milasaid she used shaving cream to remove makeup stains such as foundation and lipstick from clothes.

“It’s the ultimate smudge removal hack makeup artists swear by,” she said in a viral post. ICT Tac.

The TikToker suggested using shaving cream to remove stains



Just leave it on for ten minutes and rub it in – it makes such a difference



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Chantel first applies shaving cream to the entire stain, then she lets it soak in for ten minutes.

After that, she uses a brush or cloth to rub against the stain in circular motions. She then said, “You can see the spot shrinking instantly.

She then washes the garment as she normally would in the washing machine and the stain is completely banished.

The hack was popular, with many thanking her for posting it, and some sharing their own methods for getting rid of stubborn stains.

“It’s so good,” said one woman. “I also make a paste with baking soda and lemon and apply it gently.”

Another said: “You are absolutely a superhero. I have so many makeup stains on my light colored clothes and I don’t know how to get them off – until now!”

Chantel also shared the formula for a DIY spray that removes sweat stains from clothes in just 10 minutes.

It uses a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and dish soap to easily remove sweat stains from clothes.

“This is the easiest way to permanently remove underarm deodorant stains,” she captioned her video.

Chantel mixes two parts hydrogen peroxide with one part dish soap to create the magic spray.

She then pours the mixture into a bottle and sprays it on the stained clothes, letting it soak for ten minutes.

“The powerful mixture will remove the stain right away,” she said.

She then washes the clothes as usual.

While the trick is typically used on white clothes, Chantel said the 3% hydrogen peroxide and a shorter soak time should work well on dark clothes.

However, she always recommends testing the patches first, as different materials may react differently to the DIY mix.

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