The best shaving products for men



Tonic Shave Baxter of California Shaving Toner We love good multitasking. This shaving toner serves as both a pre-shave and post-shave formula. As a pre-shave, spray the tonic on a clean, warm towel and apply to your face for 30 seconds. Related: The 2016 Mens Health Grooming Awards For aftershave, do the same but use a towel soaked in cold water. (Heat opens your pores for an optimal shave; cold reduces irritation.) $ 18, Baxter of California

The razor Gillette Fusion Proshield Razor with Flexball Handle When it comes to a close shave, a quality razor is essential. We love Gillettes Fusion Proshield, which has a built-in lubrication strip to keep skin soft while you shave. The signature flexball makes it easy to shave around difficult areas, like your jawline and under your nose. $ 13, Gillette

Shaving gel Clean Shave V76 Moisturizing Gel-Cream If you have dry skin, opt for an intense conditioning formula rather than a standard shaving cream. V76 Shaving Formula starts off as a gel, but turns to a cream as you lather it up. Related: Best moisturizers for your face and body It’s packed with vitamin E, which hydrates your skin while you shave to eliminate itching after shaving. $ 19, V76

Shaving oil EShave White Tea Pre-Shave Oil Shaving oil is a game-changer. It acts as a lubricant, softening the skin and lifting the hairs, so that your razor can cut the hairs directly from the follicle. Apply two drops to face and neck and massage gently before shaving. $ 18,

After-shave Grooming salon Ideal for the last aftershave A good aftershave regenerates the skin without it, instead you risk getting shaving bumps, burns and irritation. Rub generously on the skin after shaving. $ 22, grooming salon

Beard Oil Mr. Natty Bring Me The Sunshine Beard Elixir It’s like a conditioner for your beard: beard oil penetrates to the roots of your hair, softening both skin and facial hair. Shake a few drops in the palm of your hand and massage your beard. It’s also good for softening thatch. $ 15, Mr. Natty

Beard wash Billy Jealousy beard cleanser Crumbs aren’t the only thing your beard collects. Studies show that beard hairs are like a petri dish, bringing together everything from germs and bacteria to feces, so be sure to wash yours regularly. To use the beard cleanser, wet your beard (or use it in the shower) and apply. Lather, rinse and you’ll be good to go. $ 19, Related: Best beard products for men Billy Jealousy

Dopp Kit Wallace & Barnes Travel Kit Give your shaving products a home. This J. Crew dopp kit is simple, stylish and durable. Related: The 6 Best Travel Bags $ 110, J. Crew



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