The 7 Best Men’s Shaving Subscriptions 2022


Although we may live in a beard-centric world these days, shaving remains a vital grooming stage in the lives of many. For those who shave more than once a week, a shaving subscription erases the dreaded scenarios of what happens when your stocks are running low – for example, having to use dull blades and that last drop of shaving cream from your waistline. of a nickel on important days. Painful.

Fortunately, subscription boxes exist, and now is the perfect opportunity to get a shaving subscription. In addition to making it easier for you to obtain high quality products shaving products, the best shaving Men’s subscription boxes are designed to help save you money and effort on the front lines of facial hair defense. Instead of running to the grocery store to stock up on disposable blades and shaving creams, we recommend joining a shaving club so you can start receiving quality grooming products in the comfort of your own home.

Best Value: Dollar Shave Club

By bringing together the best shaving subscriptions, you must include the Dollar Shave Club, which helped launch the grooming subscription model in 2011. The Californian brand will ask you a few questions about your skin type and routine, and then offer you several blades and product options. to cover all your bases. This box is ideal for frequent razors who want to make sure they always have reliable blades on hand, at an unbeatable price. After your first box, Dollar Shave Club allows you to add and remove products at any time to make sure you always get what you need, and nothing more.

  • Cost: $ 5 Starter Trial Kit – $ 40 for each replenishment box
  • Delivery: Two to four month subscriptions available


  • Quality products
  • Personalized offers
  • Affordable price

The inconvenients

  • Some complained about the slow shipping time

Best overall: Harry’s

Harry's products on a white background.

Harry’s is like the Dollar Shave Club, but while the Dollar Shave Club has let down his hair and gone for a new hairstyle, he still managed to keep it simple and refined. Harry’s costs a bit more to become a member, but with that comes a nice, weighted, rubberized grip that feels fantastic in the hand and will help the razor’s sharp blades glide effortlessly over the skin without you having to apply a lot of force. The starter kit comes equipped with a five-blade razor cartridge, foaming shaving gel and a travel blade guard.

  • Cost: $ 5 starter kit – $ 15 to $ 35 for continuous refills depending on size
  • Delivery: Two, three and five month subscription options


  • Close and comfortable shave
  • Quality products
  • Quick delivery

The inconvenients

  • Not much savings compared to ordering on Amazon

Best eco-friendly: Gillette Planet KIND

Gillette Planet KIND on white background.

We love the way companies innovate in the way they create more sustainable products. Gillette created Planet Kind to provide an eco-friendly environment shaving routine. They have partnered with Plasticbank to ensure that for every product purchased, users prevent 10 plastic bottles from entering the ocean. The razors are made with 60% recycled plastic and their skin care products are free of parabens, SLS sulfates and dyes. The Planet Kind Starter Kit comes with a razor handle and eight blade cartridges (designed with five blades). Skin care products in the line may also be subject to a recharge schedule.

  • Cost: $ 20 Starter Kit – $ 20 for each refill.
  • Delivery: One, three and six month options.


  • Respectful of nature
  • More blade cartridges than the competition
  • Affordable

The inconvenients

Best Safety Razor: Wet Shave Club

Wet Shave Club razor on white background.

Wet Shave Club’s Ditch The Monthly Shave Club encourages you to throw away your monthly subscriptions and opt for their $ 35 kit with everything you need for a year of shaving. Plus, it comes with a double-edged safety razor for razors who like to keep their baby’s face front and center. The set also includes one year of safety razor blades, shaving soap, shaving brush, pre-shave oil, After-shave, and cologne wipes. So, it’s not exactly a subscription per se, but it’s a great option for those with sensitive skin who want the irritation-free shave offered by safety razors and still looking to save money and effort when ‘it is about restocking their shaving goods.

  • Cost: $ 35
  • Delivery: One-time purchase (one year supply)


  • Safety razor weight
  • Close and comfortable shave
  • Better cancellation and refund policies

The inconvenients

Other shaving clubs we love

The art of shaving

Art of Shaving products on a bathroom counter.

The high-end one-stop-shop for shaving offers a personalized replenishment service that allows individuals to save up to 20% on each order. To set up a plan, users choose how often they shave, followed by a preferred aroma. The art of Shaving also has a partnership with Gillette – the replenishment service blades are Fusion ProShields. Subscriptions can also be set up for beard, skin and hair care.

  • Cost: $ 104 with 20% off to start – $ 130 for each replenishment thereafter.
  • Delivery: A month increments up to every six months.


The inconvenients

The beard club

Beard Club products on white background.

The name says it all: it’s for bearded men, and especially those who aren’t considering shaving be removing them anytime soon, but also don’t want their whiskers to get completely out of hand. It’s not exactly a membership, rather it’s a program that has evolved from its monthly subscription options to a points-based rewards program that’s streamlined with a ton of perks, including access to new grooming products, free giveaways, and partnership deals. Simply choose the kit of your choice, add or remove products, and it will be delivered to your door every month. Its two most popular kits are perfect for those looking to maintain an already luscious and healthy beard, as well as those trying to grow thicker, fuller facial hair.

  • Cost: Varies depending on kit selection
  • Delivery: One-time purchase – monthly deliveries


  • Great customization
  • Quality products

The inconvenients

  • Reputation for mix orders


Beveled razor on white background.

Bevel is another shaving club that has evolved into a rewards program for discounts on future purchases, and it’s still a usable program for those looking to save money on grooming products and get them. hassle-free benefits of recurring deliveries. Its shaving kit comes packed with a heavy-duty safety razor, pre-shave oil, quality shaving cream and a repairer After-shave balm to help you in your shaving process from start to finish. Then once you start earning reward points, you can use them for a discount on your next kit purchase or discounts on others. shaving and care products.

  • Cost: $ 90 for the starter kit less future rewards point discounts
  • Delivery: One-click purchase


The inconvenients

  • Expensive
  • Not a subscription

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