Soft Services’ New Body Wash Just Beat My Lifetime Shaving Hack – Review


Growing up, my friends largely learned their beauty tips from their older sisters. I was sisterless myself, but I belonged to a cheerleading squad full of older girls with wisdom to share. And one day in training when I was 15, I learned the one trick I would carry with me to this day: shaving my legs with conditioner instead of shaving cream. . It made the hair softer, one senior told me, and I never went back to fluffy spray formulas that clogged my razors again.

Over the years, I’ve tried — unsuccessfully — to find a body wash that could prep my legs for a smooth shave just as effectively, because using my conditioner twice seemed pointless (and expensive). But even some of the highest-grade body washes I’ve tested don’t offer the same glide and only cause razor burn and ingrown hairs. And if you have sensitive skin or are particularly ingrown, you know that repeatedly shaving those irritated areas can extrapolate the problem. However, a new body care launch won me over: the Soft Services Comfort Cleanse Ultra Soothing Shower Gel.

I’m already a fan of the brand’s exfoliating products. His fight against ketosis pilaris polishing bar lives perpetually in my shower, so I was horny for a soothing formula to follow him.

“We knew we needed a daily body wash to complement our targeted treatments for people with combination skin,” says Annie Kreighbaum, co-founder of Software services. “One that’s incredibly effective at removing dirt, but that [provides] hydration, is fragrance-free and safe for sensitive skin.” Cosmetic Chemist ginger king agrees that even those with reactive skin can safely use this cleanser.

“They used mild surfactants – ingredients that help remove debris from the skin – and [made it] fragrance-free, which will help people with sensitive skin issues,” she says. Beyond just cleaning the skin, Kreighbaum says shaving was a priority during the product development phase.

“We knew having an ultra-soothing razor glide was so important to preventing many of the skin issues we treat, like ingrown hairs and inflammation from razor burn,” Kreighbaum says. The team was able to adjust the thickness of the water gel to better adhere to the skin during shaving once they found the right ratio for its moisturizing and cleansing ingredients.


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