Shave Safely: Let’s Take the Fear Out of Shaving Your Sensitive Parts


Most men have a shaving horror story.

Blame underwear commercials, adult entertainment, or Baywatch reruns (Zac Efron version included) — anything that regularly pushes us a nearly hairless torso out of our face — but the fact is that from the moment we guys are starting to grow hair somewhere other than on our heads, we are looking for quick and easy ways to maintain it, care for it, style it or get rid of it completely.

And chances are most of us went to great lengths to get the job done.

I take one for the team and embarrass myself: the first time I tried to cut “over there” it was a total disaster. Why did I think it was a good idea to use a 99 cent disposable razor on my most delicate parts? Why did I think it was a good idea to try and do a quick job in the shower 25 minutes before a date, like wiping up a spill in the kitchen? The end result was… not cute. I acted like a perfect gentleman on this date, mainly because there was no way he could see the mess I had made.

The problem with shaving and body trimming is that accidents aren’t one of those things you’re taught growing up. Adults can teach you how to boil an egg or shave your face, but they don’t incorporate groin grooming advice into the “birds and bees” talk.

But it’s totally possible to manscape your whole body without having to go to the first aid section of your local pharmacy. The first step is to invest in an electric razor specifically designed to cut your body hair. Forget disposable razors; all you get for free when checking into a motel shouldn’t be the waxing of the family jewels. Creams, gels, hair removal treatments – of course, they can do their job, but for the most reliable and safe way to depilate the body, you need a trimmer or an electric razor.

The Panasonic ERGK80S Body Trimmer is designed to help all areas other than your face that grow fur – that means your legs and chest, but also your armpits and, yes, even your groin. This electric trimmer uses an ultra-thin blade system that protects the skin and specially designed attachments to safely trim or shave your most sensitive areas. Plus, it features an i-shaped trimmer head, so you can fit it in areas where a regular razor just shouldn’t go. And with a waterproof, cordless design, you can lather up for full body grooming.

Now that we’ve answered the need for a specific product to properly maintain your hair, it’s time to get to our top tips for safe grooming. Your body hair isn’t a weed you’re trying to get rid of – it grows out of your body, so let’s approach manscaping with a little thought and care, shall we?

Tip 1: Cut your hair first.

Miley Cyrus says she “can’t be tamed,” but your hair can, and should, before you take a razor to it. If your body hair looks like bushes, trim it with your handy electric trimmer before switching further into shaving mode. Objects are less likely to get stuck, and your chances of ingrown hairs and skin irritation are significantly reduced.

Tip 2: Start small.

Just because you want to get rid of a carpet doesn’t mean you have to strip it down to the foundation. Hair grows back, but it takes time. So when doing your first manscaping, start with the trimmer that will remove the least body hair. Panasonic has a comb attachment with length adjustment dial allowing intervals of 3-12mm. You can always go back for a second pass with a closer cut, but you can’t put the hair back once it’s gone.

Tip 3: Shave in the direction of your hair growth, not against the grain.

Think about what happens when that Amazon package shows up on your doorstep. If you’re like me, you feverishly rip it apart to get to what’s inside – and you’re probably causing a mess. Meanwhile, if you took the extra five seconds to rip the perforated lines from the envelope, you’d have a much better looking package (wink). So be sure to follow the direction your hair is already giving you. And avoid pulling your hair in directions it doesn’t normally go. Your body will thank you.

Tip 4: Hydrate afterwards.

If you tend to get ingrown hairs or bumps, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Cortisone cream or another anti-inflammatory is especially good for very sensitive skin. Aloe and other soothing lotions can relieve irritation. Remember that your face is used to being exposed to the elements and regular waxing. The rest of your body… isn’t. Be very careful with these parts.

Body hair maintenance isn’t rocket science, but it’s a process that deserves a little attention. You invest money in gym memberships, massages, after-work happy hours, and vacations, all with the goal of healing your body and rewarding it for a job well done. Spending a few extra dollars on a product that will treat your body with some respect is money well spent.

This story was sponsored by Panasonic. Find their revolutionary ERGK80S Body Trimmer here.


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