Ms. Hinch fans share seven things the shaving foam hack can clean up


Social media accounts dedicated to cleaning have encouraged thousands of people to try new cleaning tricks in an effort to make their homes shine.

This can often lead to certain products and hacks going “viral” with every home proud person wanting to try.

A hack that has made its way into many homes is to use shaving foam as a cleaning product.

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A number of Facebook groups dedicated to Ms Hinch-inspired cleaning tips have been filled with posts from people sharing photos of items covered in shaving foam in the hopes they will look brand new.

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It looks like a woman shared the hack last year on the Facebook group Cleaning tips and tricks and later in February another woman tried it out and posted her success on the group.

The posts went viral, racking up thousands of likes and comments after she shared a photo of a dirty couch and then another where the stains were gone after she sprayed shaving foam on the chair.

She explained her technique: “I first used a brush to break up the dirt, then I put shaving foam on it on a dry cloth. I admit I left it on for more than an hour because I got distracted. Then I used a hot, damp cloth to wipe it all down (with a little elbow behind it) and voila! Chair like new!”

The post got 1.2k likes and 5.9k comments with over 300 hundred shares.

Now cleaning fans are trying the hack on other things that need sprucing up.

Looking on the Cleaning Tips and Ticks group and the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips and DIY, among others, many share their shaving foam successes.

According to Ms. Hinch fans, it appears to be able to clean carpets, rugs, office chairs, car chairs, mattresses, bathroom floors and sneakers. But it must be white shaving foam – not gel.

Amy cleaned her trainers and said, “I left the shaving cream on for half an hour, wiped it off with a damp cloth and put it in the washing machine with a quick wash at 30 °, they look new, honestly, they were dirty!”

Shaving Foam Shoe Tip
A Facebook user said the results were ‘incredible’

Farmer Lucy shared a photo of her tractor seats. She said: “The shaving foam cleaning trick even works on dirty plush tractor seats. I bought a white shaving foam, rubbed tons of it on the upholstery, then I I left it on for at least 20 minutes. Using a clean but damp microfiber cloth, I scrubbed one area at a time.”

Another cleaned her car seats and explained, “I sprayed standard white shaving foam on the seat, rubbed in with my hands, let it soak for 10-15 minutes, then scrubbed with a damp microfiber cloth. !”

Others have used it on shoes such as white sneakers to bring them back to sparkling white.

And although shaving foam is often found in the bathroom, one mom used it to clean her bathroom.

Krystal shared, “I used shaving foam to get rid of the smell of urine in my boys bathroom and it worked! However, it ended up on the baseboard and part of it. paint has come off.”

How did the shaving foam hack work for you? Let us know in the comments.


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