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If there’s one thing mankind has yet to conquer, it’s how to get the perfect shave. Yes, we’ve all invested in tons of different hair removal products – razors, wax kitsdepilatory creams, heck, even a hair removal stone. And yet… have we ever achieved that perfect, razor-bump-free finish? Is it just a distant imaginary dream that we invented many moons ago? According to Millie Court… shaving might be easier than you think.

This mildly dramatic introduction means that Love Island 2021 winner Millie Court could be our secret skincare saviour. Previously, she told us about a product that the girls used every day at the villa to get fuller lips. Now the Goddess has once again blessed us mere mortals with how to fight shaving.

Our friends at Grace recently interviewed Millie as part of their 10 sets of burning questions on TikTokand she revealed everything.

Responding, “what method of hair removal do you choose while on Love Island, and would you recommend?”, Millie says “You know what? I have a little trick that I use when I shave to get a very beautiful, clean bikini line – no rash from shaving.”

SAY. 👀✍️

How to Get a Shave Without a Bikini, According to Millie Court

She continues, “So the thing is…

  1. “Wash…and shave…with lukewarm water.”

  2. “Put – I use conditioner, so I was using Boot Conditioner (in the villa) – put that over there…”

  3. “And then as soon as you’ve shaved, douse yourself with cold water so that your pores close…at the end of the shower.”

  4. “So the trick is to put aloe vera. So I drank a big pot of aloe vera and told all the girls about it. You put it on, and it’s like a cooling, soothing product, and you haven’t had a bikini rash! So that’s my little advice to you guys.”

How did we not think of that? All those years of putting aloe vera gel on our sunburns, it would make perfect sense to put some on after shaving to soothe the skin.

Science supports Millie, as the National Library of Medicine conducted an experiment on the plant in 2019 and concluded that aloe vera is effective in treating a wide variety of wounds; reduce inflammation and promote healing.

Cue us running to Amazon ASAP to grab the good stuff. We have a selection of the best aloe vera gels to buy to revolutionize your shaving game.

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What were Millie Court’s favorite makeup looks that she took to the villa?

Answering another burning question, “What beauty products are you allowed to bring into the villa when you arrive, and what did you bring?” Millie told us about her favorite makeup products she brought .

Millie continues, “So I took my whole makeup bag – obviously! And my favorite products that I bought with me were the Two-Faced Born This Way Foundation, NARS Creamy Concealerwith NARS blush, MAC tan then my lip. My base lip was MAC Lip Pencil in Spice, Fenty Shiny Bomb and finished it with Urban Decay All Nighter (fixing spray).”

The queen has spoken. If the girls looked this gorgeous on camera in the Spanish heat, we need these beauty products in our possession.


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