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FAKE tan really helps us look like we’ve just returned from a week in the Maldives – but, according to a fake tan guru, there are a few things to keep in mind when applying this bronzer.

Louise Reid, from Bristol, shared the ABCs of fake tan on TikTok, after being constantly bombarded with questions about her routine and top recommendations.


The 22-year-old claimed people always ask her about her routineCredit: tiktok/@louiseereid

The beauty blogger has a few products she seeks out for tanning, but her favorite is Tan Express by Tanologist.

”The holy grail tan is so good.

“It’s such a deep, dark color, it lasts so well, I literally have nothing bad to say about this tan.”


Other must-haves include Rose and Caramel and Revolution’s Glow Self Tanning Mousse.

“Such a deep warm olive shade.

“They dry so quickly and they’re so easy to take off in the bath,” said the 22-year-old.

When it comes to preparation, the tanning guru reminded there are a few things to remember.

” Shave everywhere the night before because you don’t want to shave the same day you tan,

”You can always shave after you tan – it won’t take the tan off. ”

Equally important, Loise says, is exfoliation — it’s something you should do with every shower until you get a fake tan.

“Even if there is no dry tan, your skin may still be dry in random spots.”

Last but not least, she stressed, don’t forget to hydrate.

“I went through a stage where I had really really dark knees and the tan wasn’t as dark on my legs – that’s because it was so dry,” Louise told the audience.

The beauty guru also shared a screenshot of her tanning routine – it included everything from how and when to apply mousse.

“I tan in the afternoon, so it’s dry when I go to bed,” she said.

When it comes to how much product to use, Louise revealed that she typically applies two coats within 30 minutes.

”Maintenance – I honestly think that maintenance is the most important step in getting the longevity of your tan.

One of her tips is to use a gradual moisturizer.

“As soon as you get out of the shower, when your body is still a bit damp, it just soaks into your skin.

It’s something to do after every shower, she pointed out.

“I’ve been really slim since doing this, my tan doesn’t flake off, it doesn’t dry out.”

For recommendations, she suggested using Dove Summer Glow (£2.50 at B&M) and Summer Body by Garnier.

“I really hope this helps. ”

One fan wrote: ‘your tan still looks flawless like its natural idk how do you keep it up. ”

“Never delete this,” someone pleaded.

“This video is a lifesaver,” agreed another.

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To shave, she suggested using coconut oil and going down with the razor


To shave, she suggested using coconut oil and going down with the razorCredit: tiktok/@louiseereid
Louise's Complete Routine


Louise’s Complete RoutineCredit: tiktok/@louiseereid


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