I’m a beauty pro, you shaved your privates badly and that’s why you’re itchy – the first mistake is probably your razor


A BEAUTY whiz has gone viral after revealing how to shave your privates properly – and you’ve probably done it all wrong.

Unless you’ve embraced the au naturel look, shaving your intimates is part of your daily shower routine – but while it’s something most have been doing for years, chances are it’s also that you did it wrong.


The educational clip on TikTok was liked by nearly 52,000 peopleCredit: TikTok
According to the whizz, that's a big no-no


According to the whizz, that’s a big no-noCredit: TikTok

If you still find your intimate areas below covered in bumps and itchiness, an expert has revealed it could have something to do with the way you shave, explaining that it’s all about right angles.

In a videowhich has since taken the internet by storm, racking up over 3.1 million views in just three days, the razor brand Ecoactivity shared a list of do’s and don’ts when giving your delicate intimates a haircut.

Demonstrating a drawing tutorial, one of the experts said that shaving with a multi-bladed razor could be responsible for causing an itchy feeling.

Another big no-no, the beauty pro revealed, is going in the wrong direction.

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For the most part, going in an upward motion towards your navel seems the most natural way — and it might also be more comfortable for your wrists.

But this, according to the professional, is something you should avoid by all means.

Instead of making these crucial mistakes, give your private parts the shave of a lifetime by ditching the old multi-blade razor and learning how to do it right.

To avoid bumps and itchy cuts, switch to a single-blade razor and be sure to shave with the hair growth.

“Shave first then side to side then go up!! ” the beauty guru explained in the caption of the viral clip.

Not only will this give a smoother result, but it will also prevent nasty ingrown hairs from forming.

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But while the expert claimed it was the best way to shave your private parts, not everyone was convinced, with many believing that shaving downwards wouldn’t do the trick.

” who does not get rid of hair [sic],” thought one, while a second nodded: ”Well, obviously, I have to shave straight to make everything smooth [sic].”

However, it wasn’t all negative comments, as there were also some who commented on it to share their support.

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”after care is equally important [sic]! I use baby oil multiple times a day for 3 days,’ someone wrote.

Another viewer suggested, “Indulge yourself, sugar is the best thing ever, the benefits are mind blowing. »

According to the whizz, there are two big mistakes people make when shaving their privates.


According to the whizz, there are two big mistakes people make when shaving their privates.Credit: TikTok
Ditch the multi-blade razor for a single-blade razor, she insisted


Ditch the multi-blade razor for a single-blade razor, she insistedCredit: TikTok

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