How to shave your pubis? A guide to shaving pubic hair


We’ve compiled our top tips on how to shave pubic hair. You see, shaving your pubic area isn’t just about making sure you don’t cut your skin with an overzealous razor. It’s a bit more detailed than that. It takes timing, good preparation and the use of the right equipment. Because let’s face it, your feminine space is a delicate and precious space, it must be nourished and taken care of.

Pubes, pubic hair, bushes – everyone has their own garden there. It’s also our choice to keep it lush and bushy or neat and tidy. For those who want to clean up, there are all kinds of techniques for removing pubic hair. Cold wax, hot wax, epilators, laser, pubic hair removal cream and finally shaving.

Shaving is one of my favorites! Why? It’s painless compared to tormenting you with the agony of waxing or the expense of laser. As long as you do it correctly, using razors to shave your pubic area is simple, but it works.

Tools you might need

There are a few handy tools you’ll need to get a smooth shave without the itchy red bumps, bumps and let’s not forget ingrown hairs. Ouch!

A hand mirror

Errmmm yes you will. If you want to get into all those tricky places and keep your private parts intact, you’ll need to keep an eye on what you’re doing.

A flannel

You will need a flannel that you can wet with warm water. It is used at the start of every shaving process to help soften skin, remove any residue and open pores to make shaving your pubic hair easier.

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After Shave Oils

There are a range of good products on the market, all designed to help prevent ingrown hairs, bumps and that horrible itchy redness after shaving. Here are my top picks:

Caron Laboratories Bump eRaiser Serum Concentrate

Based on Aloe Vera and Chamomile, this serum is used before shaving, to help free the hair from the follicle, making it less brutal at the razor part.

InGrow Skin Doctors

This product is designed to be used after shaving to nourish sensitive skin, helping to reduce redness, itching and rashes. It is also to help reduce the risk of ingrown hairs.

Shaving cream

After preparing your skin for shaving, you will need to use shaving cream or gel to prevent cuts while shaving. I recommend Gillette Fusion if you have sensitive skin. You can buy it at Woolworths but any aloe vera product will help, as it is very soothing to the skin.

A pair of small scissors or a public hair clipper

You will need to trim pubic hair before you shave. This is to speed up the shaving part of things, as the razor won’t clog so often, and it will help prevent any snags and snags that can rip and tear your hair.

Any small pair of manicure scissors will do. They should be sharp and small enough that you can navigate tricky areas without risking cutting your skin.

You can also trim your pubic hair with a specialized pubic hair trimmer.
Remington Trim & Shape Body & Bikini Set

I have to say it’s probably my preference, only because it has everything I need for a good, neat cut in one place. It has five attachments including a trimmer, razor and comb. It is waterproof and battery operated.

Bikini Razor

I’ll let you in on a little secret, the most important thing is to keep the razor sharp. Preferably new. Using an old bikini razor will likely lead to a red rash and itchy bumps for days to come. You can easily buy a pack of disposable razors at the supermarket.

Let’s get serious – A practical guide to shaving your pubic hair

Here is a walkthrough. Read this and you will become an expert in pubic hair removal in no time. If you are a man reading this, the same rules still apply, male pubis is no different.

#1 Pre-cut the Edges

This step is CRUCIAL if you want perfectly shaved pubic hair. Razors can clog if you run them directly over long hair.

To safely trim pubic hair, simply use your fingers or a comb to gently pull your hair upwards. Using scissors, cut as close to the edge as possible. If you’re using a bikini hair clipper, carefully run the device over the area you want to remove and brush off the excess. If you are new to shaving, you can keep it as short as half a centimeter.

#2 Soften your pubic area

The best way to shave your pubis is to soften the area with a warm flannel. Or better yet, take a hot shower. This opens pores, softens hair and makes shaving easier. Wait as long as you can in the shower before you start shaving, this gives your pores a good chance to warm up, open up and relax.

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to shower, holding the warm, damp flannel over the pubic area and bikini line will be enough to soften the skin. You can do this step for as long as 5 minutes and as short as 1 minute.

#3 Lather

Use a shaving cream to avoid irritation. You can use a shaving foam for men or for women. Both work, but it has to be a sensitive product. Preferably with Aloe Vera. Create a generous amount of foam and apply to your pubic area. Include the whole area, but be careful not to put too much on the sensitive parts inside your labia and near your vagina.

If you’re in an emergency and you’re low on resources, just use soap. Make sure there is a reasonable amount of foam.

#4 Let’s start shaving!

Now let’s get to shaving. First you have to stretch your skin very hard. Our skin on our pubic area is uneven. If we don’t stretch our skin, we can scratch or worse, cut ourselves. Razors work best on flat, even surfaces.

Then, don’t rush things! The best way to shave is slowly. Shave in sections, that way you can keep track of what you’re doing. Follow the direction of your hair growth. Do not shave against the grain or it will cause bumps, ingrown hairs and itching. Our pubic hair grows in all kinds of crazy directions, so take your time to check which direction it’s going. If it goes down, shave down. If it grows to the left, shave to the left. Etc. This is where the mirror comes in handy.

Don’t shave too much! Going over your area too many times will irritate your skin.

Want to be Brazilian? A Brazilian shave means everything. Not a single hair in sight. Including the rear area. Remember the mirror.

#5 Oil Post-Treatment

Last but not least – appease. Use an aloe-based lotion or oil balm to reduce angry redness, prevent rashes and ingrown hairs.

One final tip – leave some air in for your skin to begin to calm down and heal. Try to avoid your tight underwear. Wear something cotton, breathable and comfortable the next day.


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