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In today’s beauty and skincare world, bar soaps are gradually taking a back seat and that’s a real shame because the main difference between the two is that liquid soaps contain water. , additional chemicals and stabilizers. The same is true in the world of shaving.

The classic shaving soap has gradually been replaced by its more convenient siblings – shaving creams and shaving gels, although they aren’t exactly better than it. In fact, depending on the product you buy, cream or gel may be worse than soap.

In this article, we will share the tips for selecting the types of shaving soaps, the tips for selecting the best hard shaving soap on the market and how to use it. Without further ado, let’s get started!

What are shaving soaps?

Shaving soaps can date back to the 14th century. They were the only option for men when it came to shaving until World War I when shaving creams hit the market and became widely available.

Until today, many people still use soap in their wet shaving routine to savor the traditional experience or better control one of the products used for shaving. They also have the advantage of being as easy to use and durable as their canned counterparts.

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Why use shaving soap?

Traditional shaving soaps can be more beneficial than modern shaving gels, creams and foams. The ingredients are generally of the traditional type and they are perfect for softening the beard before shaving. By softening the bristles, shaving becomes easier and you can even shave closer.

By working the soap into the shaving area, you can get a lather that the razor can easily glide over. In addition to these things, shaving soaps come in a variety of scents, many of which come in assorted colognes and aftershave balms.

This can make the shaving routine a very pleasant experience. Financial traditional shaving soaps can be used longer than shaving creams and gels, making them more economical than modern options.

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What to consider when buying shaving soap

The main function of shaving soap is to act as a source of lubrication between the sharp blade and your skin so that you don’t cause too many abrasions or cut yourself in the process. In combination with water and heat, they can also soften your facial hair and make shaving easier.

When you want to buy shaving soap, there are some things you need to consider:

hard shaving soap

Fat and glycerin content

The best shaving soaps have a high fat content i.e. tallow or vegetable and glycerin in their ingredient list. As a rule, glycerin is obtained from vegetable oil and serves as a humectant capable of trapping water and moisturizing the skin.

It also works well as an emollient as it can be used to soften the beard and achieve smooth, hydrated skin due to its ability to create an effective barrier between the skin and the sharp blade.

The fat content, on the other hand, is necessary because it provides protection and lubrication to the skin during the shaving process so that the blade can glide over the surface of the skin without nicking or irritating it. In most cases, the higher the fat and glycerin content of the soap, the better the lather and, therefore, the better the shave.

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Ideally, the fat content of a shaving soap should be around 30-50%, although it can be difficult to determine this from the list of ingredients alone, as they do not come with percentages and chemical names can also be quite confusing. In short, experimentation is the best way to determine the fat content of shaving soap.

Your best bet on whether there is enough glycerin and fat in a shaving soap is that it can produce a rich lather that can coat the skin perfectly and lubricate well without applying too much pressure.

It should also leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated after shaving, not dry and tight. Grinding multiple times is also a sign of good quality soaps. Triple grind soaps, for example, are capable of producing lots of suds and a very creamy lather.

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Many people believe that the price of something determines its quality, but that’s not always the case in the world of shaving soap. However, price can still be an indicator of quality, especially if it’s low-end.

Cheap bin brands are cheap because they are usually bath soaps in the guise of shaving soaps. They don’t offer much protection and can irritate your skin after shaving. That said, good quality soap can last for six months, which will certainly make up for its price.

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Beware of reputable brand soaps. Of course, that doesn’t mean flashy drugstore brands like Gillette. There are many reputable brands of shaving soaps that have been around for a very long time.

Finally, before buying any shaving soap, be sure to read reviews about the product’s performance. This should give you a good idea of ​​how the soap might work for you.

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For many who want to buy a hard shaving soap, the scent is important. There are popular scents like eucalyptus, almond, cedar, sandalwood, mint, rose, lemon, and lavender. You should try to avoid scented soaps as much as possible if you have sensitive skin, as they can cause irritation.

You don’t have to worry about the soap smell lasting for a long time. Since the soap will be washed off after shaving, the scent is only meant to make your shaving routine more enjoyable.

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What this will mean is how easily you can load the soap onto the brush to create enough lather for the shave. It also refers to how long you can use the shaving soap. Depending on how many times you shave and how thick your beard is, you can use your soap for anywhere from 2 months to six months.


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