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Buy a product without a recommendation? Not in this economy. In the Unexpected Expert series from, we go straight to the source to find out which items are actually worth your hard earned money.

If you do decide to get rid of body hair, it can be a complicated puzzle of products, beauty treatments, and advice from friends. Should I get waxed? Sugar ? Save my money and stick with a standard razor and shaving cream? For expert advice, asked seven pole dancers for their secrets to smoothing skin.

The magic of a loofah

Dove Unscented Bar Soap Sensitive Skin

Beauty dove

$ 13.49

“As a pole dancer, you have to show the skin! It’s not just for attractiveness, but you actually need skin to grab the pole. Personally, I like to remove all the hair in there. . I have tried everything from simple shaving to waxing and laser hair removal. I purchased a Groupon package for Infinity spa for laser hair removal after getting frustrated with shaving and waxing. But if you thought waxing hurt, then you’ve gone on a wild ride with the laser … it hurts. After I finished all of my sessions I still have hair in these areas but it is so light and thin and patchy. I think the key to not having razor burn is to exfoliate lightly; I exfoliate gently with just a loofah and a fragrance-free soap.“-Cindy Joo, @cindyjoowho

Adopt eco-responsibility

“I do monthly bikini and underarm waxing, and shave my legs. I try to plan ahead for upcoming shows and performances so that I can have waxing closer to show time. I also really like to exfoliate to prevent bumps. I am currently using the Boie exfoliator which has been amazing. It is an ecological body scrub that gently exfoliates the skin. It’s also made from a BPA-free antimicrobial material, which prevents germs that can build up on loofahs and washcloths. “—Regina, @reginaamariee_

Customer Approved Moisturizer

Brazilian Cream Bum Bum

Sol de Janeiro

$ 45.00

“I’m well known on New York nightlife and the burlesque scene for my work as a pole dance dancer. I fly an eagle spread out in a little thong over people’s heads or I shake my ass in the face of people six to eight shows a week. Let’s say i have a very intimate relationship with my prevent ingrown hairs. I want to feel and feel like a heavenly goddess when I perform so closely and personally for people. For that, I like Herban Essentials Wipes to make sure my innermost parts smell good before I take the stage. I also like Sol de Janeiro’s Bum Bum Brazilian Cream to make my skin feel silky smooth, and its brother scent, Brazilian Crush. (Prada Candy is awesome too.) I’ve received messages from women I’ve been dancing on my knees saying, “Don’t be embarrassing, but I couldn’t help but notice how soft your skin is. and how good you smell. What are you using? ‘ So I think it works! ”—Marcy Richardson, @OperaGaga

The secret scrub

Body scrub


$ 24.00

“When it comes to hair removal, my favorite is always waxing. It is the most effective for me and the longest, because I always wear little shorts when I teach. I love Brazilian waxes because they all. To avoid ingrown hairs, I use sugar or salt scrubs with loofah gloves to keep my skin smooth and bump-free.“-Dalijah, @dalijaamelia

No more ingrown hairs

Gillette Venus Extra Smooth Swirl Women’s Razor

Gillette Venus

$ 12.99

“As a pole dance dancer, I spend most of my time in tiny workout clothes all day and prefer to pluck as much hair as possible. overall hair reduction. I still shave every three to five days, but it’s a lot less hairy and not really noticeable if I don’t get on for a week. Because of the laser, I don’t have ingrown hairs when shaving which is a big deal when you wear tight workout clothes all the time. To shave I use a Venus razor and love the blade of the Venus Swirl. i use Reine V products, the V bar and the Queen It Up wash for anywhere on my body. They smell good! ”—Lara Michaels, @misslaramichaels

Do it yourself with a laser

Remington iLIGHT Pro Plus Quartz Home IPL Hair Removal System


$ 681.46

“As a pole dancer with dark hair and fair skin, hair removal is a high priority. I started doing laser hair removal eight years ago and have never looked back. It’s semi-permanent, so I never have to worry about razor burn or remembering to shave. I started out by buying different Groupons, but once I got comfortable with it I got the hang of it. bought my own device at home. It was a bit pricey but worth it considering how much time I spend dancing in such small clothes. I bought the Remington iLight Pro Home IPL Hair Removal System Quartz. I would definitely recommend having the laser done by a professional first until you can get used to the pain, but now I love using my at-home system.“-Zoë Kantor, @zoeinthesky

Shop in the men’s aisle

Gillette Fusion Proglide Men’s Manual Razor


$ 14.75

“I had laser hair removal over 10 years ago on my locks and pits, and the areas are still pretty sparse, although I have to find a new place to do a touch-up. My legs I shave with men’s razors and Shaving cream because I prefer unscented things. Oddly enough though, I like that my legs aren’t freshly shaved for pole competitions – it gives a bit more texture. “- Samantha Star, @lithiumkitten

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