How to get a Love Island-worthy bikini line



If you have watched Island of love Over the past seven weeks, you’ve probably asked yourself at least one of these questions: How can they put on so much makeup in the sun? What did Liam just say? How do they keep their bikini lines so smooth and free of bumps?

Well, seeing as we can’t answer all of them, we’re going to focus on the last one – getting a smooth, clear, healthy bikini line before summer is over.

TikTok has become a treasure trove of tips and tricks, and shaving tips have exploded on the social media platform. All over the world, people have been sharing their own tips for achieving a girls’ hot summer bikini line, but – as with any information shared on social media – you need to be careful what you believe.

So we asked two experts from Dublin, Jennifer Treanor from UrbanWax and Marjorie Cusack from Wax in the City, to help us separate fact from fiction.

According to Jennifer, the key to Island of love The look is that “there is no line to see” because “the girls appear to have all bikini hair removed, also known as Hollywood”.

She adds: “In anticipation of the preparation to go to the island of love, some may have had the wisdom to resort to laser hair removal. The laser is very effective and the results give a permanent hair reduction. It requires little long-term maintenance and has the advantage of stimulating collagen, so it gives a very smooth look and feel to the treated area. “

However, as Marjorie says, the laser might not be right for everyone: “It’s not a solution forever, but it lightens hair and regrows it, allowing for longer intervals between epilations.”

Going this far makes sense for Islanders, because “being filmed has to put extra pressure on everyone to keep their bodies hairless,” adds Jennifer. But what about those of us who just want to be our best to swim in the sea?

Shaving your own bikini line is a delicate job, and as many TikTok users have pointed out, it’s not something you are taught a lesson about due to the nature of the area.

Razor burn – mostly caused by dry shaving, but can also be caused by not being careful while wet shaving, according to Jennifer – and ingrown hairs – when the hairs grow back into the follicle, creating a lump. painful and unsightly – are the two most common forms of irritation, and TikTok is full of tips for getting the smoothest shave possible.

But do they work?

Exfoliation is generally considered a must, which Jennifer agrees with: “Exfoliation is a huge benefit to our skin whether or not we epilate. Always do it 2/3 days before waxing. wax or laser treatment. If you shave the night before, that’s fine. A body scrub is recommended once a week. “

Using a men’s razor is a popular choice on TikTok, thanks to the fact that they have more blades, but Jennifer says that while this appears to be true, she finds “the best and most traditional disposable razors. effective “. Marjorie, meanwhile, maintains that there is “no difference”, adding that “they are identical, it is branding”.

A very popular tip is to shave with coconut oil rather than shower gel or shaving cream, with users claiming that this leaves skin polished and hydrated afterwards. Jennifer agrees that coconut oil is great for shaving, but adds that “you need to make sure you continue to remove the oil buildup on the blade.” She adds that an older trick was to use hair conditioner after shaving, because “it always leaves a smooth finish and it’s always in the shower.”

“There are so many choices for shaving products, but I don’t think they are all necessary. A good moisturizer after shaving / waxing seems much more important to me,” she adds.

As for hair removal, Marjorie herself has some great tips: “You have to make sure that it is a high quality hot wax, that there is no cross contamination during the treatment, that the wax is clean and that the treatment is carried out by a highly qualified operator.

However, not all forms of hair removal are suitable for everyone, which is why Jennifer recommends talking to a specialist to find the one that’s right for you. “Any form of grooming in the bikini area is likely to be irritated and not everyone is suited to some type of hair removal,” she says.



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