How to clean with shaving cream: cleaning the toilet, bath and removing stains


A cleaning expert who has amassed millions of followers for her nifty at-home hacks has shown fans three brilliant uses for shaving foam.

Carolina McCauley is a mother of two who lives in Western Australia and calls herself the “Home Hacks Queen”. She has 2.3 million followers on her Instagram account. @carolina.mccauley and 2.7 million followers on his TikTok account @carolina.mccauley.

She posted her latest video, “how to clean with shaving cream”. She claimed to have demonstrated three smart ways to use the product.

The first is toilet cleaning. The expert said, “Use it to clean and remove the smell from the toilet. It will also disinfect the toilet brush.”

Carolina sprays shaving cream on her toilet brush and scrubs all over the toilet bowl and U-bend.

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The bath can also be tackled with the product. She lathers the tub with the product before polishing it in the bath. Carolina claimed the product would give a “shimmering shine.”

Finally, she claimed that shaving foam can be used to remove stains from carpets. She explained, “Spray it on carpet stains. Leave it on for 20 minutes. The stain fades.”

Followers were amazed by the hack, and one wrote, “I used it on a carpet stain where nothing worked. Amazing! I had no suds, it was gel. It worked really well.” Another commented: “My mum would do this for stains on the carpet.”

“The shaving cream will also remove makeup, including lipstick and foundation from clothes,” one said. “It’s a lifesaver!”

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Others said they used the product to clean their desks at school. One said: “We used to clean our desks at school with cheap shaving cream!”

Another added: ‘Reminds me of office cleaning day in primary school.’

Cleaning guru Lynsey Crombie explained how she uses shaving foam to clean the tub and shower.

Lynsey said, “Shaving foam is one of my favorite cleansers. It’s a surprisingly good cleanser because of its combination of soap, moisturizers, and other protective ingredients.”

From tubs to sinks, one cleaning expert has detailed an easy cleaning tip for a “sparkling, streak-free kitchen sink.”

Home and cleaning influencer Ms. D shares her cleaning tips and tricks with an audience of 108,000 followers on Instagram. She explained, “You should clean your kitchen sink every day. Your kitchen sink is the second most germ-filled place in your kitchen.”

Mrs. D has a solution to this problem. She explained, “To achieve a sparkling, streak-free kitchen sink, my go-to product is dishwasher rinse aid.”


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