Gillette brings joy to shaving


At the beginning of December, I had grown a five-day beard. It wasn’t that I was lazy to shave – though there’s some truth to that – but rather it was that I didn’t have a decent razor to get the job done. Mine is good for two day growth. Beyond that, it’s almost guaranteed to be a sloppy job. And I was thinking strongly of buying a nice electric razor. The problem is that the last Braun I used about 10 years ago irritated my sensitive skin to no end. As I was trying to decide if I should try a new version, Gllette offered me to write about her two new razors. One is a model that heats up instantly, almost giving you the feeling that you are using hot shaving cream. The other is the one that exfoliates your skin while you shave. So here we are a month later, and I had the opportunity to try both models. Shaving may never be the same again.

the GilletteLabs Special Edition Heated Razor ($170 with four refills) is part of a relationship between Gillette and luxury automaker Bugatti. The company’s heated shaver debuted in 2018 and was named one of Time Magazine’s smartest inventions of the year. This updated version is improved. With the push of a button on the aluminum-zinc handle, the ultra-precise razor activates and delivers instant soothing heat for a more comfortable shave and sensory experience. The temperature is adjustable to 109 or 122 degrees, which is reflected by the illuminated color on the back. That way you know before you hold it to your face. The shaver’s heating bar, with four smart heat sensors, heats up in less than a second. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to six shaves on a single charge, depending on usage. It is fully waterproof and uses five blades and conforms to the contours of your face to ensure comfort and contact. The shaver is detailed in the same blue made famous by the iconic Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport 2020 car model. And it comes with a charger holder that looks cool on your bathroom counter – keeping the shaver safe straight, so the water runs off and keeps it clean and dry.

GilletteLabs with exfoliating bar ($25 with two cartridges) is lightweight and stylish too. A built-in shiny green exfoliating bar helps remove dirt and debris for a smooth and efficient shave. It also uses five blades and hugs your face well. Its die-cast zinc handle is guaranteed for five years, or the company will replace it. It comes with a premium smart magnetic holder which, like the other model, stores the shaver upright. There is no electrical component or battery on this model.

GilletteLabs also offers a variety of shaving gels, creams, and more. I use the Rapid Foaming Shave Gel – does a great job prepping my beard for a close, smooth shave, and it smells great. I generally love how companies like Gillette have made something as simple as shaving into a more proud and enjoyable process. Both of these razors give me a fantastic and super easy shave, even after my stubble has grown for five days. Maybe I’m giving in to marketing here, but I enjoyed the experience again every morning.


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