Getting ready for the big shave – best shaving products for men



As Movember draws to a close, your exquisite beard is about to meet its creator. While it’s fun to have a place to store snacks and an extra layer of warmth, you always knew the happy union wouldn’t last forever. Here are the following shaving accessories, designed from start to finish to help you get rid of facial hair with the utmost ease.

Ready … ready … go shave that porcupine off your face.

Brooklyn Grooming Beard Oil Sampler – $ 39
It will go much easier if you have treated your mane well from the start. Oils like those from Brooklyn Grooming keep your beard and surrounding skin properly hydrated. Mmmm, Red Hook.

Studebaker Metals Brass Shaving Brush & Badger – $ 140
From a Pittsburgh-based metalworking studio comes this rustic-looking shaving brush. Complete with a hand hammered brass handle and badger hair, it will have you lathering with serious comfort. [More…]

The Art Of Shaving Sandalwood Shaving Cream – $ 17
Fact: There is no scent more manly than sandalwood. Woody and earthy, it’s like bottling a lumberjack. This shaving cream can be used with or without a brush and contains essential oils and coconut acid to give you a smooth and effortless shave.

Wahl Groomsman beard and mustache trimmer – $ 24.99
If you’re starting out with terrific facial hair, cut with this electric number from Wahl first. It features an ergonomically designed handle, precision ground steel blades, and six positions for variable proximity that will shape your down in no time.

Beluga razor – $ 125
For an old-fashioned barber-quality shave, look no further than the Beluga. Still on pre-order, the premium 316L stainless steel precision construction is worth the wait. With a swivel neck and a 25 year warranty, this may be the last razor you buy.

Wet shaving club – $ 29 / month
Too lazy to leave home and need all that gear delivered right to your door? No problem. The Wet Shave Club will send you a monthly box of shaving products, including soaps, aftershaves, styptic matches to keep nicks from bleeding, and more from around the world.

Royall Spyce After Shave Lotion – $ 30
Now that you’ve run out of lint, treat your freshly shaved cup with this cologne and lotion combo. Despite not being particularly good at spelling, Royall Spyce delivers a robust, exotic-smelling product with hints of cloves, cinnamon and pepper.

Baxter of California After Shave Balm – $ 18
For more sensitive skin, nothing beats an aftershave balm. Made with aloe and tea tree oil, Baxter provides an extra layer of nourishment for this money maker. Go get them, tiger.

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