Does shaving give “strawberry skin”?


You must have noticed small dotted bumps on your skin, especially on your legs, after shaving. It could be a case of “strawberry skin”.

According to Pooja Nagdev, aromatherapist, cosmetologist and founder of Inatur, although the top layer of the skin can look like this for various reasons, if the pores appear black and look like strawberry seeds, you most likely have this skin condition. .

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“It’s nothing serious – blackheads appear because of ingrown hairs and open pores. When your pores are clogged with oil and dirt, you get strawberry skin. These pores are exposed to the air, and after shaving, any dirt in the air can blacken the pores,” she says.

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She explains that many people confuse it with keratosis pilaris – also known as chicken skin – which can cause red bumps on the skin. “It’s a genetic condition that usually affects the upper arms and thighs, and it’s not harmful. This condition doesn’t require treatment, but it can make your skin look like a strawberry.

Here are four ways to treat strawberry skin; continue reading.

* Moisturizer: Strawberry skin is prone to dryness, which can be treated by moisturizing it. Nagdev says that after taking a shower, gently massage the area with a cold cream lotion or body butter, as this will moisturize the skin. Hydrate, sleep and start again, and if you want to get rid of this skin condition, repeat it every day.

* Shave properly: How you shave your legs is important. People are often pressed for time and use harsh razors and equipment on their skin, which can cause dryness and sensitivity. “Choose a moisturizing shaving cream and use it after washing your face with soap and water. It will be gentler on your skin and won’t cause dryness,” she says.

* Using an epilator: It is common knowledge that shaving and waxing can cause folliculitis. An epilator may be a good choice. It is an electrical device that twists and pulls the hair from the roots. An epilator can help avoid clogged pores.

* Exfoliating: Exfoliation, especially when you have blackheads, is essential. It can help you get smooth skin. All you have to do is scrub your skin in the shower with a washcloth or loofah and moisturize after showering to close open pores.

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