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  • I used to wax my bikini line to avoid acne-like cystic bumps and irritation on my sensitive skin.
  • However, I have had enough of spending time and money on the painful task and equally painful consequences of shaving between waxing sessions.
  • After I gave up waxing, I spent the last year testing products that would make waxing easier and more comfortable for people with sensitive skin and coarse hair.
  • Here are the ones that keep me safe from bumps and irritation and help me save a ton on regular waxes.

For an Indian woman with sensitive skin that heals easily and coarse hair that is difficult to shave, even with the most expensive razors, waxing is the lesser of two evils. It’s a more painful process, of course, but there is no pain at all afterwards.

Over time, my monthly leg waxes evolved into expensive Brazilian waxes, but shaving between sessions made me embarrassed in a bathing suit and ashamed of baring my legs covered in razor bumps.

After my seven long years in an on and off relationship with waxing and shaving, I finally broke up with my beautician and started talking to a dermatologist about how to take care of my hair. Everything I had routinely used for a good half of the decade went straight in the trash, and I started from scratch to figure out which products would work for me.

I’m already a skincare and makeup junkie so I considered this a fun new project, but not without disappointment. It took a full year to try different products every week (and more like every month in winter) in an effort to achieve a bikini area and silky legs.

My life after waxing began by meeting the specific needs of my skin and hair. According to dermatologist Dr Joshua Zeichner, the bikini area is such a challenge for so many women, as the hair is often curly and the skin is thin and sensitive, making it prone to nicks, irritation and ingrown hairs. All of this combined calls for high quality ingredients, extreme hydration levels, and gentle removal methods.

A year later, I finally put together a routine that hasn’t caused a razor burn or uncomfortable itch in months. My skin is softer, more hydrated and the best part is that this routine has saved me hundreds of epilations. Needless to say, most of my swimsuits are proudly stored in donation boxes, and I deleted my beautician number.

Below are the five products I use to prevent bumps and irritation in my bikini area:



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