Carolina McCauley uses shaving foam to clean her house


Why shaving cream is your ‘cleaning secret weapon’: Mom uses the ‘miracle’ purchase in seven different ways – but not all of her fans are on board

  • Hack queen Carolina McCauley shared surprising ways to use shaving foam
  • She used the foam to remove stains, polish surfaces and as a disinfectant
  • However, its supporters aren’t entirely on board with the “messy” shaving foam hacks.

Australian hack queen Carolina McCauley has shared seven unusual ways to clean with shaving foam, but not all of her followers are fans of “messy” hacks.

The mum-of-two has used the foam to clean her toilet and bath, sanitize her toilet brush, remove stains and polish surfaces.

Carolina’s followers generally love her cleaning tips, but her comments have been inundated with people saying they “don’t trust” the hacks and are suspicious of the sanitizer quality of shaving foams.

Perth-based mum-of-two Carolina McCauley recently shared her top seven shaving foam cleaning hacks with her millions of followers, but not all of them were impressed

The Clean Sensation shared tips for cleaning your toilet and tub as well as sanitizing your toilet brush.

She has also used the product as a stain remover and to polish different surfaces.

The Clean Sensation shared tips for cleaning your toilet and tub as well as sanitizing your toilet brush. She has also used the product as a stain remover and to polish different surfaces.

The mom uploaded two videos sharing her shaving foam cleaning hacks.

His first tip was to use the foam to “clean and remove odors” from the toilet bowl and “sanitize” the toilet brush.

She then used it to wash her bathtub, giving it a “sparkling” shine.

Carolina has also used the foam as a stain remover, she says carpet stains will “fade” if the product is left on the stain for 20 minutes.

She used the foam to clean the stains on her mattress the same way she cleaned her carpet.

She left the foam on for 20 minutes then wiped it away with a cloth to reveal a stainless steel mattress.

The mum used the product to clean her sink and faucet, it removes traces of water and makes the sink shiny. She also used it to polish mirrors and brass handles.

The best tips for cleaning Carolina’s shaving foam

* Coat your toilet brush with the suds and scrub the toilet bowl to get rid of odors

* Leave the toilet brush covered with shaving foam to disinfect it

* Coat your tub with foam and polish it to a shiny tub

* To remove a carpet or mattress stain, leave the product on the carpet for 20 minutes then wipe it off

* Clean your sink and faucet with the suds to remove water stains and make them shiny

* Polish your mirror with the product

* Polish the brass handles with the foam

Carolina supporters were wary of the hacks, calling them “messmakers” that don’t really clean surfaces.

“I don’t trust this advice,” said one woman.

“It doesn’t work at all, I tried it, super excited for nothing because it didn’t take anything away,” another commented.

“It feels like a waste of money when there are things literally designed to do that,” another woman said.

“Or you could buy a cheaper cleanser,” wrote another.

Many Carolina followers took issue with the mother’s claim that the product would sanitize her toilet brush.

Does shaving foam work as a cleanser?

* Shaving foam has cleansing properties because it contains compounds called surfactants

* Surfactants consist of detergents and fats. They reduce the surface tension between water and the object on which it is placed and allow liquids to flow easily over surfaces, allowing dirt to be easily removed

*Lather also contains 30% soap plus emulsifiers and emollients

* It has antibacterial properties

* The product is gentle yet effective due to its ingredients. It is ideal for cleaning, ovens, toilets, jewelry, carpets and polishing stainless steel and glass.

(The source: Turbobarb)

‘What is the advantage of using shaving cream over traditional cleaning products with antibacterial agents?’ a man asked.

‘How does shaving foam disinfect?’ asked a woman.

“Shaving cream is not a disinfectant,” said another.

However, some fans approved of the hacks, especially for its power on carpet stains.

“I used it on a carpet stain where nothing worked. Amazing! I had no foam, it was gel. It worked great,” one woman said.

Others found the fact that the hacks worked even more disturbing than if they didn’t.

“It makes you wonder what these guys are putting on their face,” one woman said.

“Sometimes you wonder what’s in these products we put on our bodies,” another wrote.



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