Best shaving tips for how to shave your legs perfectly (including the best time of day)


Many of us are already used to shaving our legs, pits and bits, but we’re never too old to learn new tricks. We are therefore open to everything shaving tips who are thrown at us to do this smooth feel even smoother.

Some of them are intuitive (like shaving against the direction of your body hair – it makes sense). But, after talking to a few experts (and listening to what people have to say on TikTok), there are a bunch of other shaving tips we had. no idea on.

So, in this episode of “TikTok (and the Experts) Tell Us Things We Thought We Already Knew,” you’ll find the best ways to make your legs feel as silky as the sheets you get in fancy hotels. You know those.

Soak your skin before you shave

Dry shaving is obviously forbidden, but did you know that you should soak your skin for up to three minutes before shaving? “Hydrating hair makes it up to 60% easier to cut,” says Venus Ambassador Dr. Anita Sturnham. “Soak your skin for two to three minutes before you shave.”

Shave your legs at night for best results

Say whataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Who knew there was an optimal time of day to clip your shins? But it turns out there is. Rosie Khandwala, a waxing expert with over 40 years of experience, and founder of sugar-coated waxing brand Sugar Coated, reveals: “When you sleep your legs can swell, which makes the morning shave less than optimal. a closer shave.”

Exfoliate in advance

Maybe don’t exfoliate right before you shave, especially if you’re using a sticky scrub that will clog the blades. But the night or morning before you shave is a good time to slough off dead skin cells that might be clogging your razor or your hair follicles. “Exfoliating your skin before waxing or shaving will allow you to achieve smoother results. Regular exfoliation can also help prevent ingrown hairs,” says Rosie.

Try not to soap your legs with shampoo

Eeeeeek, we’ve all done it, but you really shouldn’t use shampoo or just “what’s in the shower” to shave. Dr Sturnham says using a shampoo or body wash as a preparation for shaving can “increase your risk of redness and irritation and dull your razor blades”. She recommends using a specific shaving gel to reduce friction while shaving and reduce the chance of irritation. Or if you’re too lazy to lather, she advises trying “Venus Comfort Glide Vanilla Crème Razor (£7.99) which features flexible moisture bars that release a gentle lather allowing the blades to glide over areas most delicate”.

Make sure you shave in the right direction

The juries come out of this one. For one thing, shaving in the direction of hair growth means less irritation. “Shaving against the grain can cause irritation and increase the risk of razor bumps,” Rosie says. But on the other hand, shaving in the direction of your hair growth means a closer shave. It’s the one you’ll have to experience yourself, depending on your tendency for razor bumps, but one TikTok user recommends shaving. various direction for skin that is as smooth as possible. And, if you have a razor that shaves in BOTH directions like Wilkinson’s fab Sword Intuition (£11.99), you can come and go as you please.


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Do not apply too much pressure on your razor

Your razor must not damage your skin to work. “The razor should glide over the skin, not drag,” says Adam Boulding, Venus Scientific Communications. “Remember to use a light touch, exerting as little pressure as possible.” If you have to press down hard on your razor for it to work, it could be a sign that your blades need to be changed. Which brings us to…


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