Best shaving cream 2021: Secure a truly smooth and comfortable shave


Choosing the best shaving cream is not always easy. Sure, you can walk into a local store and pick up a random bottle off the shelf, but chances are you’ll end up with a product that isn’t quite perfect. After all, unless you plan on committing a few deadly sins while shopping, the only thing you can try before you buy is the smell.

It is a problem. There’s no way to tell which shaving cream will suit your skin type, for example, when you make a random choice based on your local store’s limited selection. Luckily, if you’re looking to make a more informed purchase, our buyer’s guide is here to help. We’ll help you narrow your options from a maddening array to an obvious choice, dramatically reducing the time you need to spend in the buying process.

Best shaving cream: at a glance

How to choose the best shaving cream for you

Before buying a new shaving cream, you need to ask yourself a few key questions. Considering your answers to the following questions will help you choose the best foam for your unique shaving needs.

What type of skin do you have?

Generally speaking, there are three main skin types in men: oily, dry and sensitive. You probably know which one you’re falling into, and with our expert advice, you should be able to choose the best shaving cream for that skin type.

  • If you have sensitive skin, avoid shaving creams with astringents.
  • If you have oily skin, astringents are good – they will keep your pores from clogging and reduce the oily texture.
  • If your skin tends to be dry, keep an eye out for glycerin-based creams which will help the blade glide over the surface more easily.

What ingredients should you look for?

There are certain ingredients in shaving cream that you will want to adopt and others that should be avoided. Sodium lauryl sulfate (which removes natural acids), parabens, and unspecified “fragrances” are all on the negative list because they could do your skin more harm than good. On the positive side of the spectrum, natural oils — such as almond, jojoba, eucalyptus, and sandalwood — could do your skin good.

Should I opt for a mousse, a gel or a cream?

This one really comes down to personal preference, although we have some tips for you. If you are a fan of gels, avoid alcohol-based ones which could cause irritation. Shaving foams are good, but be aware that it is not always easy to control the amount that comes out of the can. Lather-free shaving creams are very popular right now, with many brands favoring natural ingredients. And if you use a straight razor, you’ll find that traditional jar creams will give you maximum control.

How much should you spend on shaving cream?

If you want a budget option that still offers high quality, you should be able to find a suitable shaving cream for around a nickel. If, however, you’re ready and financially able to take it to the next level, getting better ingredients and a skin-friendly shave will bring you closer to £40. It may seem like a lot, but you’ll soon see (and feel) the benefits.

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The best shaving cream to buy

1. Taylor Of Old Bond Street: Best Traditional Shaving Cream

Price: £10 | Buy now on Amazon

There’s something very chic about twisting off the top of a tub and scooping out your shaving cream by hand, or dabbing a brush in the tub before applying the cream to your face. If that’s the kind of glamorous experiences you’re looking for, this bowl of shaving cream from Taylor Of Old Bond Street will suit your tastes. This product also delivers the goods in terms of improving your shave, providing a paraben-free shave and a smooth, creamy lather. It’s rich in essential oils and suitable for sensitive skin, so it will deliver a premium shave as well as that classy feel. And, best of all, it won’t break the bank.

Key Specs – Volume: 157ml; Type: Cream

2. Nivea Men Sensitive Shaving Gel (6-Pack): The Best Value Shaving Cream

Price: £12 | Buy now on Amazon

Enriched with chamomile and witch hazel, this shaving gel is specially designed to prevent skin irritation during your shave. The gel is also completely alcohol-free, so even the most sensitive skin should avoid any burning sensation when cleaning thatch.

While all of this promises a close and smooth shave, the best feature here is simply how much shaving gel you get for your money. With 200ml of gel in each box, this one-time purchase will net you a whopping 1.2 liters of shaving gel, which should cover even the woolliest people for quite a while.

Key Specs – Volume: 200ml (per box); Type: Gel

3. Cremo Astonishingly Superior Moisturizing Shave Cream: The best shaving cream to avoid cuts

Price: £6.73 | Buy now on Amazon

If you want your skin to be “surprisingly” soft and smooth, this brand promises to provide it. Striving to deliver the closest and most comfortable shave, Cremo’s moisturizing shave cream is incredibly rich; there is less air in this product than most rivals, reducing the chance of scrapes and cuts.

Instead of air, the geniuses behind this cream have packed in water-activated molecules that dramatically reduce irritation. Cremo’s cream is also very concentrated, which means that a tube of this excellent cream will last longer than most boxes of shaving foam. Finally, it’s not that expensive either, which makes Cremo an even more tempting proposition.

Key Specs – Volume: 177ml; Type: Cream

4. Jack Black Beard Lube: The Best Beard Shaving Cream

Price: £31 | Buy now at Look Fantastic

If you’re planning on shaving off a big beard, you might want to check out Jack Black Beard Lube (not to be confused with Tenacious D singer Jack Black). This clear gel binds moisture to the skin to create a smooth glide while preventing irritation, softening even the toughest beard to make it ripe for restyling or removal.

Nourishing fatty acids are included in Jack Black’s soothing, ultra-hydrating formula. The clear nature of this gel also means you can see what you’re shaving, reducing the chances of accidentally shaving bits of beard you wanted to keep. Not everyone will want to spend that much to boost their shave, but this product is definitely worth it.

Key Specs – Volume: 473ml; Type: Gel

Buy now at Look Fantastic

5. Kiehl’s Smooth Glider Shave Cream: The best shaving cream with essential oils

Price: £17 | Buy now at Kiehl’s

World-renowned cosmetics and toiletries brand Kiehl’s offers a variety of shaving gels, but we particularly like the aromatic essential oils in their Smooth Glider product. Although it’s marketed as a cream, it’s actually a gel that softens and melts on contact with your skin, helping you get as smooth and friction-free a shave as possible. The cream softens your facial hair, prepares it for the razor’s edge and leaves your skin with a pleasant woody scent. No water is needed in the shaving process and a little gel is enough.

Key specs – Volume: 150ml; Type: Gel

Buy now at Kiehl’s

6. Executive Shaving Natural Shaving Cream: The Best Natural Shaving Cream

Price: £18 | Shop now at Executive Shaving

This highly concentrated shaving cream guarantees that a little will go a long way, with just a small dollop of cream generating enough lather for a complete shave. For this reason, Executive Shaving suggests you should be able to get five to six months of daily shaving from just one 200ml can.

Besides being good value for money, this shaving cream is also very luxurious. The inclusion of essential oils, coconut acid, and glycerin make your razor glide smoothly over your skin, and infusions of several relaxing scents, including eucalyptus and juniper, leave you with a pleasantly aromatic finish. .

Key Specs – Volume: 200ml; Type: Cream

Shop now at Executive Shaving


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