Best razor to shave your head safely 2022: The best electric razors, trimmers and trimmers for head shaving


We went in-depth on the best razor for shaving your head because more and more guys are actively choosing baldness. (No, really. It’s not just Jason Statham.) Going for the look is an especially wise move if you’re getting a little skinny, but it’s not without its pitfalls. Luckily, the learning curve isn’t that steep: investing in the best razor for shaving your head and polishing your dome is a piece of cake.

If this is your first time, congratulations and know that you will want a razor well suited for this specific task. Ease of use is huge, more so when it comes to ensuring a smooth shave – the back of your head isn’t going to get in the way – and you don’t have to tempt fate by leaning on it on a flimsy disposable razor that’ll drop you halfway. (That doesn’t mean you necessarily need a dedicated razor for shaving your head: more than a few of the reliable options you use to trim your facial hair can do double duty on your dome, too. )

You’ll find all the best razors for shaving your head below, plus an equally stellar electric razor or two, clippers, and clippers, just in case you finally decide your noggin looks a little better with hair. still attached. (For what it’s worth, we think you’re a handsome movie star anyway.) Whether it’s your first time or your fiftieth, whether you’re chasing the barely there stubble of Die Hard-era Bruce Willis or the perfectly shiny Dome of the Rock (sorry), these will leave your head cleansed – and perfectly irritation free – every time.

The best safety razor

On paper, it would be easy to dismiss Supply’s signature — a sliding fitter that lets you load bare metal blades without ever handling them — as a mere gimmick. But in practice, it’s the kind of practical setting I can’t believe it hasn’t been invented yet that really makes a difference, especially if you’re new to security. Even better, the brand’s unique edge comes with three settings, allowing you to customize the intensity of your shave depending on how close you want to get. Once you get the hang of it, you’re guaranteed a stress-free shave no matter how many times you use it.

The best cartridge razor

Do you insist on shaving with a cartridge razor? More power to you, but be careful. It’s best to use a version like Gillette’s SkinGaurd, a dual-bladed device specifically designed for sensitive skin. It’s equipped with a pivoting head for a more comfortable shave, as well as two lubricated blades that minimize tugging and tugging, saving your scalp from all kinds of redness and bumps down the line.

The best electric razor

HeadBlade’s futuristic Moto Shaver may look a bit unconventional, but its Formula-One Million design is fully functional. Slide your finger through the rubber ring from the bottom and let the ball-shaped device on the front guide your hand. Thanks to a dual-axis suspension system, the flexible rear easily conforms to the contours of your head, leaving exactly no (count them!) stray hairs in its wake.

The best alternative to the razor

If using a real razor anywhere near your head sounds like a recipe for disaster, do like Dylan and go electric. Kibiy’s palm-sized device is an ergonomic marvel, a pocket-sized jack-of-all-trades that’s still a head shaver first and foremost.

The best foil shaver

Andis Cordless Lithium Foil Shaver

Andis’ lithium-powered foil shaver is a tried-and-true salon favorite, but the multi-tiered heads that have endeared it to the pros will serve you just as well at home. It delivers a much closer shave than regular hair clippers, and with over an hour’s charge to work with, you’ll never have to worry about scrambling to find an open socket.

Plus 4 other razors we love

Beveled safety razor

If you’re looking to save money on cartridge heads and avoid excessive irritation in the process, a safety razor is the way to go. Bevel’s consistently ranks among the best we’ve tried, largely due to its precise balance and sleek single-blade design. It’s a little more expensive than its drugstore counterparts, but the extra money is worth it: once you get used to its smooth handles, your newly bald head will thank you.

Merkur double edge razor

Merkur’s Specialty Safety Razor is an ideal choice if you’re new to head shaving and worried about slipping. Its short handle lends itself to easy maneuverability, helping you keep mistakes to a minimum as you go.

Leaf Shave Hybrid Razor

Leaf’s flagship offers a customizable shaving experience with a trio of inexpensive, stackable safety blades. A single blade comes close to the type of shave you’d get using a traditional safety razor – with the added benefit of an integrated pivoting head – but stack all three and you’re done: you’ve got yourself a great razor close shave guaranteed to deliver an ultra-smooth dome every time.

Schick Hydro5 sense razor

Schick’s Hydro5 razor releases one of three specialized lubricants as you shave, hydrating, cooling or soothing your skin on the go. Its shock-absorbing technology automatically corrects the course to your preference, while its rocking mower makes it easy to switch between blades. Plus, its widespread availability and perennial bestseller status means you’ll never have to look far to nab a refill – Amazon stocks them in half a dozen.

man shaving head
How to shave your head

Like shaving your face, it rewards patience, practice, and finding the right products to protect your precious scalp.


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