Best Eco-Friendly Razors – Durable Razor Blades for Shaving



From using reusable cotton pads to showering with wrapper-free shampoo bars, there are plenty of beauty-related swaps you can make to reduce your environmental impact. But one area that has been slow to adopt when it comes to going green is shaving; With disposable plastic razors and razor blades that need to be replaced regularly, many of the tools we use go to landfill after just a few weeks of use. Fortunately, there are a number of models made with longevity in mind, without single-use plastic. Here are nine eco-friendly razors worth checking out.

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This heavy metal razor is completely plastic-free, including the replacement blades. The head pivots to get every little spot, and by choosing your color and one, two or three blades, your shave is totally customizable.


Planet Kind 5-blade razor + 2 razor blade refills

Gillette’s Planet Kind collection is made from 60% recycled plastic, and the packaging is also 85% recycled and fully recyclable through Terracycle. The razors themselves have five blades for a really close shave, and the easy-grip handle helps prevent slips and nicks.

This pretty pink razor is nice to look at, but it’s the details that set it apart, like an extra-long handle (to reach those hard-to-reach places) and a silicone cap for safe travel. Use it with the brand Shaving Pillow moisturizing stick, and you can even use it without water.

Safety razors take a bit of getting used to if you’ve used traditional razors your whole life, but once you master the heavy handle, you’ll be a convert. And while the razor may be an investment at first, replacement blades cost less than $1/each, which significantly lowers the cost over years of use.


Rose Gold Sensitive Skin Razor

Not only is it one of the best looking razors we’ve ever seen (so brilliant!), it’s also designed to shave even the most sensitive skin without causing irritation. Best of all, it comes with 10 spare blades, which will last you months.

This safety razor is technically meant for beards, but when did that ever stop us? Sleek, smooth and double-edged meaning both sides can be used, this option is worth adding to your vanity.

Another option designed for shaving faces (and heads), this tiny razor – it’s just four inches long – glides over every nook and cranny in a way that others can’t. The chrome plating also makes it very easy to clean.

One of the more affordable safety razor options on the market, it’s easy to use, comes in two cool color options, and is made from 100% recyclable materials.

This chrome razor has a heavy handle for safe and easy shaving and is highly rated for the price.

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