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Beard styles can come and go, but a clean shaven look is a classic, something that never goes out of style. This not only gives you a more professional, confident and trustworthy appearance, but also prevents problems such as beard dandruff, itching and flaky skin.

Having a beard can alter or obscure your facial features, but a clean-shaven look is as real as it gets and is therefore often sought after by working professionals. But getting a smooth shave without nicks or cuts takes work. A technique, a practice coupled with a few good grooming products can help you achieve a close, bump-free shave.

Here are 6 shaving tips that will help you get a clean, safe shave at home.

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Prep your face with warm water

Always start your shaving routine by soaking your face in lukewarm water to make your skin and beard soft. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser to tame your hard, brittle hair and make it easier to manage with a razor.

You can also use a face scrub. It exfoliates and smoothes the skin and addresses the problem of ingrown hairs right at its cause. Do not dry, leave your face wet all the time.

You can also consider patting a warm towel against your face. The steam from a hot towel opens the pores of the skin and makes the skin feel softer than before, allowing for a closer shave.


Consider using a trimmer, first

If you have a rather long beard (more than one inch), chances are that your facial hair has become coarse and harsh, in such cases, reduce the length of your beard to a stubble with a trimmer before let a razor do its magic.

Trimming your beard makes the hairs easier to comb and helps prevent nicks and cuts. Otherwise, the razor will fill up with long hairs, start pulling, and you could end up with cuts.


Lather up with shaving gel

The next process to get your clean look is to apply shower gel, foam or shaving cream to your face. It helps create a cushion layer between the skin and the blades, allowing the razor to glide effortlessly over your skin.

One of the main advantages of shaving gel over other types is that it works well even for men with sensitive skin. A shaving gel facilitates skin maneuvers that preserve the shape of hair growth. As these gels are transparent, they offer the perfect solution for people with skin problems as the transparent gel allows them to see where the razor is going.


Choose the best razor and be gentle

A perfectly designed razor enhances your shaving experience. Consider the 6 blade razor from LetsShave which has a smaller gap between the blades allowing them to give you a closer shave than the closest shave. It also comes with a cutting edge for shaving and trimming hard to reach areas of the face.

Gently shave in the direction of hair growth, then shave against the direction of hair growth on stubborn areas. Don’t press the razor too hard and use short strokes for a bump-free shave. Rinse the razor after a few strokes to prevent hair buildup around the edges of the blade.


Do a final check with a shaving pen

A beard styler pen that is otherwise used as an effective grooming tool to define your beard can be helpful in removing unwanted facial hair from areas where your razor might not reach.

The single-blade stainless steel fine edge of the manual trimmer painlessly removes unwanted hair from sensitive areas and can help you look even cleaner when grooming your earrings and hair.


Finish with an aftershave balm

An aftershave balm provides instant relief from aftershave redness, inflammation, nicks and cuts and soothes razor burn.

Consider this ultra-lightweight aftershave balm from LetsShave that contains anti-inflammatory willow bark extract and moisturizing ingredients like argan oil, peppermint oil and vitamin E. The collective ingredients of this balm will soothe, hydrate, brighten and repair your skin. inside.


The bottom line

Not everyone may be blessed with good genes for growing a thick beard, but a clean-shaven look is something anyone can sport and make their own. It is easy to maintain and it does not cost much to keep one.

The journey from young man to gentleman is just a few strokes away, so treat our guide as a grooming bible and go for a clean-shaven look that’s a winner this season.

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