3 simple shaving tips for women


As our skin becomes more sensitive with age, it seems that our tried and true razor techniques no longer work, and post-shave rashes and flare-ups are now the norm. To the rescue: new shaving tips and innovations for women that will leave skin feeling silky smooth without irritation.

Uneven skin on legs?

Repeatedly razor the legs to remove bands of hair from the outer layer of skin’s natural moisturizing oils, resulting in dry, inflamed patches. The fix? Opt for a depilatory like Nair Bladeless Whipped Shave Cream (Buy at Ulta Beauty, $12.99). Its calcium thioglycolate gently dissolves bonds between hair proteins at the root without the physical trauma of a razor. Plus, it’s infused with hydrating mineral oil and anti-inflammatory lavender extract to keep legs not only hairless but supple too!

Bumps on the bikini line?

Since the skin along the bikini area is thinner than elsewhere on the body, sharp razor blades can easily create microscopic tears that allow bump-causing bacteria to seep in, says dermatologist Tiffany Clay , MD, based in Atlanta. A better way? Use a bikini line-specific trimmer, like Venus for Pubic Hair & Skin Gentle Trimmer (Buy at Walmart, $29.97). Protective “fins” cover its blade, giving the trimmer minimal skin contact, sweeping away surface hair without nicking the delicate area. The result? Farewell, bumps!

Rashes on the armpits?

The underarm area has an awkward contour, an unusual hair growth pattern, and a buildup of sweat, bacteria, and deodorant that can make it difficult to shave closely. Plus, all that exertion can leave behind an itchy rash. But this two-step remedy can help: Before you shave, gently buff the area with a mixture of 1⁄4 cup of brown sugar (it exfoliates) and 1⁄4 cup of coconut oil (it moisturizes) on damp skin for one minute; rinse. “This removes debris from the hair follicles while releasing trapped ingrown for a closer shave,” says Dr. Clay.

Then use a razor, like Flamingo Razor (Purchased at ShopFlamingo.com, $11). It features a pivoting head and multiple blades that automatically adjust to all underarm contours as they glide over the skin. This reduces the risk of losing hair and having to walk the area multiple times, which can lead to painful razor burns. Also smart: shave from top to bottom, then side to side. This will help eliminate the hairs each time they grow.

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