24kgold just started shaving and he has some opinions


24kgold has only been shaving for a year. “Shaving was such a foreign concept to me,” he says on the latest episode of Grooming Goods – he thought he would never grow a beard in his life. But in that short time, the 20-year-old rapper has learned more than a few tips on how to keep those pores in tip-top shape. He knows, for example, not to shave against the current. He knows that he must reapply shaving cream to avoid bare skin-blade contact. He knows how to exfoliate after shaving to eliminate remaining bacteria.

At this point, 24kgoldn is a razor-wielding prodigy, using every step of her skincare routine to minimize razor bumps, flare-ups, and all forms of irritation. It’s not easy – he likens it to being on the front line of a battle – but with a little extra attention his face is “smoother than a baby’s bottom”. Here’s how he gets the cleanest shave possible.

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Be clean.

24k starts with a foaming face wash to prep her skin for shaving, which you can use in the shower or just at the sink. Activate the foam by rubbing in circular motions, taking care to touch the sides of your nose, forehead and chin. (That last one is important: you don’t want bacteria before you shave.) 24k rinses out with warm water “to open the pores.”

Dr. Barbara Sturm Foaming Cleanser for Darker Skin Tones

Load on the cream.

Apply the cream everywhere you go to shave: there is nothing worse for the skin than dry shaving. 24k likes to have a little extra cream in his razorless hand so he can reapply if after the first run he misses spots. “Be sure to go all with grit,” he recommends, “and once you feel it tugging at you, rinse it all off. He likes to keep a magnifying mirror handy to make sure he hits every spot.

“Original” Cremo Shaving Cream

Begin post-shave first aid.

Shaving is very hard on the skin, so 24kgoldn has a complete routine to hydrate, soothe and boost his skin which, in turn, also prevents flare-ups from appearing. First step? Serum. He applies it everywhere he shaved, so on his chin, cheeks, neck and upper lips.

Dollar Shave Club Repair Serum from Dr. Carver

Exfoliate as needed.

24kgoldn likes to use this exfoliating cleanser if he hasn’t used the foaming cleanser before shaving. “If you have blackheads or dirt around the skin, it digs everything out,” he says.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Darker Skin Tones Enzyme Cleanser

If in doubt, more serum.

24k hits one second serum to treat other non-shaving related attacks like acne and to give her skin “that golden glow”. Apply this one all over your face and most importantly, wait for it to dry (i.e. stop sticking) to move on to the next step.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Darker Skin Tones Hyaluronic Serum


24k seals it all in with this face cream, which “keeps you hydrated and silky smooth.” It starts under his eyes, “like war paint”, then applies wherever he shaved and applied the repair serum. Feel free to branch out into other areas as well: 24k likes to freestyle when it comes to face cream.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Darker Skin Tones Face Cream

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