15 shaving tips to help you survive the summer


As much as I love the sun, the beach, and every rooftop bar in sight, the maintenance that comes with summer isn’t my favorite thing in the world. Shaving, for me, is basically the worst, so I’m constantly looking for advice. First of all, it ALWAYS takes. Personally, I choose to shave my legs, arms, and bikini line in the summer, so I’m basically in the shower for three hours a shaving day. Then I get sick of shaving for so long – so I skimp and rush and end up cutting myself, making my shower a fucking mess. But shaving doesn’t have to be a giant production. We’ve rounded up our favorite tips to save you time, stress, and band-aids.

1. Don’t be afraid of men’s razors

As much as I love my favorite Venus razor, sometimes I want something that will get the job done a little faster and more efficiently. This is where a men’s razor comes in. The blades of a men’s razor are a bit tighter than those of a women’s razor. Think about it: men sometimes have thick beard hair, and this thing is supposed to go in their face. They need something powerful but also soft and unbreakable. Men’s razors may also be easier to use, as they are meant to navigate the contours of the face. It will slide perfectly around the knees and ankles.

2. Find a good travel razor

Disposable razors might be fine, but this razor is a lifesaver when I’m traveling or just need a quick shave under my arms before a night out. I thought it was really fancy at first, but this razor changed my life. Surrounding the blades is a cream made from coconut milk and almond oil that eliminates any need for shaving cream (seriously, it’s magic). The four blades shave close and the design is so easy to glide over the skin. You need it.

3. Use specific tools for your bikini area

Shaving my bikini area was an hour-long event, but with that, I’m out and heading to the beach ASAP.


Hydro Silk TrimStyle Hydrating Razor

This razor is GENIUS for the bikini area. One side is a five-blade razor that also works wonders on your legs and underarms. The real magic, however, lies at the other end of the shaver, which is an integrated trimmer that can be used in the shower.

Gillette Venus

Venus Pubic Hair & Skin Razor

Venus got away with the first razor designed specifically for pubic hair (and they’re not afraid to call it that: pubic hair!). EDITOR TESTED AND APPROVED: This razor is sharp as hell without worrying about me cutting myself in the absolute worst place to cut myself. Unlike other razors, I don’t experience any irritation with this. Game changer.

Yes the people

Sensitive Skin Razor

If you find that every razor irritates you with nicks and ingrown hairs, a safety razor like this might be your best bet. It’s ultra-gentle, but still gets a close shave.

4. No shaving cream? Put down the soap

Soap is the worst thing you can use if you want smooth skin after shaving. Not only does soap dry out a lot more on the skin, but in general, body soap contains ingredients that will dull your razor blades. Conditioner, coconut oil, thick body cream or body oil all work so much better in a flash, without the risk of ingrown hairs, nicks and cuts. When you have shaving cream, I advise you to choose one with a thick consistency rather than a gel formula. These typically hydrate as you shave, leaving you feeling extra smooth.

5. Exfoliate

It’s a fairly well-known trick, but it has to be said. I do this every time I shave, and not only does my skin look like a baby’s bottom, but it also gets rid of all that dead skin that’s preventing me from getting the closest shave. My favorite method of exfoliation is to use a sugar scrub because it’s quick, easy, and does the least damage.

6. Shave at the end of your shower

Since I learned to shave my legs, I shave leaving my conditioner on for the 2-3 minutes indicated on the package. However, one of the best tips I’ve learned (especially for shaving my bikini area!) is to make my shave the last step in my shower. The hot water and steam from your shower slowly open your pores and cleanse the top layer of your skin, so shaving after the steam has had a chance to take effect allows you to get as close to the hair follicles as possible. . It also ensures that there is absolutely no dead skin, dirt or grime to clog the razor, which could possibly dull the blades faster than Ordinary.

7. Shave first down, then up

Every shaving tip I’ve ever read is to shave in the direction of hair growth. Does anyone really do this?! Not me. Instead, I start by shaving in the direction of the hair growth, then do a few strokes with the razor moving upwards. This actually avoids some of the irritation that comes with shaving against the grain while getting rid of some hairs.

8. Shave from east to west on your knees

The first place I’m likely to accidentally cut myself with my razor is my knees. However, the key to getting the closest shave on your knees is to shave in multiple directions rather than up and down. If you shave east to west, make sure your knee is bent to avoid any cuts. Next, straighten your knee and shave in the direction of hair growth to remove any strays you may have missed.

9. Use short strokes to avoid cutting yourself

Another way to avoid cuts is to simply go slower. Instead of shaving your leg all at once, shave in small strokes. It also helps you catch all the last hairs and saves you from having to go back and do more strokes that cause irritation.

10. Disinfect your razors

Keeping your razors clean is key to ensuring they last a long time (you get what you pay for!), and you also make sure you don’t get anything covered in bacteria on your skin. Raw. It starts right after you finish shaving by holding your razor under hot water for about 5-10 seconds and checking for any hairs stuck in any of the blades. You can also rinse with rubbing alcohol to ensure the blades are sterilized. Then, dry your razor with a towel, toilet paper, or paper towel. If water sticks to the blades, it can cause them to rust, which we definitely don’t want. Press? Hit it with your hair dryer.

11. Moisturize immediately

As soon as I step out of the shower on a shave day, my arms, legs, and bikini area are immediately coated in a thick cream that will reduce redness, prevent itching, and smooth my skin. Moisturizing right after you shave adds the moisture back to the skin that you’ve taken out from all the exfoliation. My favorite trick is to use lotion in the shower right after I turn off the water, then I top it off with my favorite body moisturizer. You will shine.

12. Prevent razor burn

Razor burn is the WORST way to kill my post-shave vibe. (You know what I’m talking about, right?! The feeling after shaving when you feel like you’ve accomplished the biggest task on your to-do list and your skin is so smooth you want just have everyone touch it?) My favorite way to avoid this is with a little tea tree oil. Not only is tea tree oil amazing for acne, but its antiseptic and antibiotic properties can also alleviate irritation caused by your shave. Rub a small amount on areas where you’re prone to razor burn right after shaving before moisturizing, and you should be sailing smoothly.

Tighten the skin

Solution for tender skin

This product has gone viral on TikTok for being the best solution for razor burn.

13. Protect yourself from the sun

Don’t let the post-shave effect distract you from this crucial step. After shaving, your skin is supple, exfoliated and your pores are ready to face the day. Therefore, your skin is very sensitive to the sun. I know you know how to put sunscreen on your face, but it’s just as important for the rest of your body.

14. Put away your blades

The bathroom is the most humid and bacteria-collecting area of ​​your home, and the last thing you need is your razor blades collecting all of it. The easiest way to store the slides is in a zippered bag away from any kind of moisture, but you can also choose to keep them completely out of the bathroom.

15. If all else fails, laser hair removal!

I wish I could say that the temptation of laser hair removal does not reach me. Yes, shaving is inexpensive and relatively easy, but sometimes you just need reassurance that you’ll never have to shave your bikini line again.

Someone just told me I have the smoothest skin they’ve ever felt, so I spill everything I use


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