12 Ways to Shave Yourself Badly – Tips for Shaving Your Face Better


Turns out, there’s a ton to think about before running a razor-sharp razor over your face. And because I’ve apparently been badly shaved all my life, I decided to speak with Jon Goldmann of the prestigious New York-based grooming company, by Harry to figure out the best possible way to get rid of that fleece.

Based on our hour-long conversation – roughly four pages of written shaving notes – there are a lot of things that can go wrong, but also fixing the problem is a lot easier than you might think. With that, here’s everything you’re doing wrong by shaving and everything you can do to improve.

1. You don’t shave before you shave

No, you don’t have a stroke, I just said “shave before you shave”. It’s a lot less complicated than it looks and should only be used in specific situations. If you have a big, bushy beard, you won’t be able to shave with a manual razor.

So before you start anything, trim your beard with an electric razor until you basically have a five o’clock shadow. This will greatly reduce that uncomfortable “pulling and tugging” feeling you may feel when shaving and will lead to a cleaner shave.

2. You don’t wash your face before you shave.

The best time to shave is right after showering.

If you plan to use water to soften your whiskers, you need to have enough to soak the hair in. Jon suggests taking an extra two minutes in the shower to stand under the shower head and let the water rinse your face. As if two extra minutes in the shower weren’t the best way to start the day.

3. You don’t open your pores

“A razor is sharp. I know it sounds ridiculously obvious, but your face isn’t used to it,” says Jon, who emphasizes the hot towel treatment to allow the razor to glide more easily over your skin. So what is a hot water treatment? Excellent question.

Take a towel, make sure it’s clean, and soak it in hot, very hot water. Drape this towel over your face, then wait for it to cool. That two minutes of towel time dramatically opens up your pores and softens your facial hair. You can get the same results by washing your face with warm water, but it’s a lot more fun.

4. You’re not using enough shaving cream.

Work the mousse into your face with small circular motions and don’t be afraid to use enough to get good coverage (you should look like a snowman) – don’t worry, no one has ever died in using a little more shaving cream. .at least I don’t think so. You don’t want to see any exposed skin before running a razor over your face. A good shaving cream acts like a lubricant that protects your skin from that ridiculously sharp razor you’re running over your face.

5. You’re using the wrong type of razor

You don’t need a vibrating razor and you certainly don’t need to buy one of those expensive razors they used in the early 1900s.” Modern razors are intentionally made to be tough. idiots, because people who cut themselves make bad repeat customers,” says Jon, fully acknowledging that his job is to sell razors. “They’re made to protect you from yourself, so let the razor do its damn thing.”

Old razors are too heavy, not ergonomic, and frankly not fun to use.

6. You don’t map your face

This is probably the biggest mistake men make when shaving. “That’s where it goes off the rails,” Jon says, “nobody knows which way the grain is pushing.” Some people assume they know where the grain grows. The grain is very, very complicated, similar to those wind pattern weather maps you see on TV.

There are several spots on your face, which can be easily mapped out by simply asking a hairstylist or lightly running your fingers over your beard. If there’s little resistance against your fingers, you’re going with the grain, if it’s prickly and weird – like petting a cat the wrong way – you’re going against the grain. Map your face before you shave.

7. You press too hard

Press too hard to irritate your skin, so relax and let the razor do its thing. Don’t punish your beard like it’s the cause of the cancellation Development stopped.

8. You use long strokes

When you shave, you want to make quick strokes on your beard to account for the change in grain direction that occurs all over your face. Long strokes of your sideburns to your throat will almost certainly lead to cuts.

9. You shave twice in the same place.

After liberally applying shaving cream to your face, you’re doing nothing but a disservice to your skin if you walk through the same spot without cream. Jon tells me about the luxury of “second pass” in which you essentially shave after you shave. If you missed a point or think you didn’t shave enough, add a ton of shaving cream and start over.

10. You rinse with hot water

Starting your shave with hot water is good because it opens up your pores and softens your hair, but you need to close those pores after you shave, otherwise dirt and grime will enter your pores and cause acne. . Do you want acne? No, you don’t. Nobody does. Use cold water to wash off all excess cream and hair from your face.

11. You use harsh aftershave with alcohol.

Do not under any circumstances. Alcohol is bad for the skin and should only be used as an antiseptic. In fact, you don’t need an aftershave at all: a simple moisturizer will do just fine.

12. You touch your face after you’re done

When you shave, you essentially remove a small protective layer of skin. This makes your skin vulnerable to all the dirt, oil, and leftover ketchup that gets on your dirty hands. Once you’ve finished shaving, wait an hour until you touch your face. Wait, why are you even touching your face in the first place?

Jeremy Glass is a writer for Supercompressor and takes great pride in his jet black spiky beard.

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