12 Best Shaving Kits for Men That Will Help You Revamp Your Entire Regimen


If you’re a grown man, you’ve probably received a shaving kit as a gift several times. Why? Because the best shaving kit for men is potentially extremely useful and, well, hardly anyone buys them for themselves. As Christmas stockings, they’re about as common as ties and dress socks. But that’s not all they are good at. Developing the right shaving routine takes a lot of care – a shaving kit can tick every box for you, saving you the time and money to cobble together a list of featured products piecemeal. Not convinced? You may want to think about your shaving routine. You see, before you even consider taking a razor to your face, you should soften your skin with a pre-shave oil. (Once you’re done, you should also apply a soothing aftershave.) And that’s not even going into all the various nice-to-have accessories: maybe a shaving brush, maybe a safety razor. The thing is, there can be a lot to buy, and it’s easier to grab it all at once.

Everyone’s face is different, of course, so we can’t claim to have picked the best shaving kit for men. Even better: We’ve rounded up the 12 best shaving kits you can buy today, as a gift for yourself or a fuzzy-faced friend in desperate need of an upgrade. Chances are good that one of the brands below has a set that meets your grooming needs exactly.

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