Matelec 2014: R + D + i and technology in its purest state

Image result for matelecLast week, MATELEC 2014 was held, in which innovative solutions from the electrical and electronic industry were exposed to optimize business profitability. INBIOTIC, as a reference technology consultancy, we went to visit them.

The international exhibition of solutions for the electrical and electronic industry celebrated its seventeenth edition last week at IFEMA, bringing together 550 companies from more than 22 countries. In it we could see first hand all the technology, solutions and systems for the control and management of energy efficiently. Structured into five main sectors and four pavilions, technologies and components for electrical installation, solutions for smart cities and buildings (smart cities), automation, industrial and electronic control, electricity management, and LIGHTEC: Lighting solutions and lighting.

It is observed how fairs in this field are being redirected more towards saving and better use of energy sources, since energy efficiency is the unavoidable future trend and awareness of energy saving has already penetrated the market and society . Special mention must be made to companies such as ZENNIO and BYTECH which have decidedly and intensively bet on the new technologies applied to the Smart City concept, making our home or business a place with total control of energy savings and with the implementation of cutting-edge technologies in terms of access control.

Smart cities are committed to the creation of intelligent systems in sectors such as health, transport, infrastructure, energy or tourism without having a negative impact on the environment. It is about creating urban spaces with a high level of habitability and sustainable over time, both for its economic balance and its environmental balance.

In terms of industrial automation and PCB assembly processes, we were able to see and test the most advanced machinery in chip design and implementation, especially highlighting the speed of production of these and the functions that are capable of developing in just a few seconds, such as the drilling of pads, placement of SMD components and verification of connections and continuity by X-rays. Here we leave you two videos in which you can see the process and the speed at which the pick & place is made, reaching 50,000 components. at the time

We say goodbye until next year of MATELEC 2014 , with the perceptions that the Spanish electronics industry is betting on R & D & i in terms of renewable energy efficiency and refers to the Smart city concept is the trend of a not too distant future.

In this regard, highlight the bet within HORIZON 2020 on Smart cities , through the call Smart cities and communities , under the topics “Smart Cities and Communities solutions integrating energy, transport, ICT sectors through lighthouse (large scale demonstration – first of the kind) projects “and” Development of system standards for smart cities and communities solutions ” . At the national level, CDTI also supports this type of project under the type of bottom-up type projects with open call.