Matelec 2014: R + D + i and technology in its purest state

Image result for matelecLast week, MATELEC 2014 was held, in which innovative solutions from the electrical and electronic industry were exposed to optimize business profitability. INBIOTIC, as a reference technology consultancy, we went to visit them.

The international exhibition of solutions for the electrical and electronic industry celebrated its seventeenth edition last week at IFEMA, bringing together 550 companies from more than 22 countries. In it we could see first hand all the technology, solutions and systems for the control and management of energy efficiently. Structured into five main sectors and four pavilions, technologies and components for electrical installation, solutions for smart cities and buildings (smart cities), automation, industrial and electronic control, electricity management, and LIGHTEC: Lighting solutions and lighting.

It is observed how fairs in this field are being redirected more towards saving and better use of energy sources, since energy efficiency is the unavoidable future trend and awareness of energy saving has already penetrated the market and society . Special mention must be made to companies such as ZENNIO and BYTECH which have decidedly and intensively bet on the new technologies applied to the Smart City concept, making our home or business a place with total control of energy savings and with the implementation of cutting-edge technologies in terms of access control.

Smart cities are committed to the creation of intelligent systems in sectors such as health, transport, infrastructure, energy or tourism without having a negative impact on the environment. It is about creating urban spaces with a high level of habitability and sustainable over time, both for its economic balance and its environmental balance.

In terms of industrial automation and PCB assembly processes, we were able to see and test the most advanced machinery in chip design and implementation, especially highlighting the speed of production of these and the functions that are capable of developing in just a few seconds, such as the drilling of pads, placement of SMD components and verification of connections and continuity by X-rays. Here we leave you two videos in which you can see the process and the speed at which the pick & place is made, reaching 50,000 components. at the time

We say goodbye until next year of MATELEC 2014 , with the perceptions that the Spanish electronics industry is betting on R & D & i in terms of renewable energy efficiency and refers to the Smart city concept is the trend of a not too distant future.

In this regard, highlight the bet within HORIZON 2020 on Smart cities , through the call Smart cities and communities , under the topics “Smart Cities and Communities solutions integrating energy, transport, ICT sectors through lighthouse (large scale demonstration – first of the kind) projects “and” Development of system standards for smart cities and communities solutions ” . At the national level, CDTI also supports this type of project under the type of bottom-up type projects with open call.

Products for retirement: Risk and profitability

Image result for retireeSaving for retirement should be a universal principle for everyone, those who quote a lot and those who quote little, those who like risk and those who do not. The current situation means that in the medium term we inevitably go towards lower pensions because of the greater weight of the pensioner population and because of an obligation to contribute a number to get 100% of the pension more and more complicated, as there are more years and more complicated to achieve it when young people join the labor market much later, at least in a stable way.

With all this, we emphasize, it is important to plan and, as far as possible, to do it as soon as possible to more easily achieve our objectives, which is to have a capital or income that assures us all the necessary well-being when we retire. This capital is made up of two variables, the capital that we are contributing to which we must add or subtract the generated profit, a return that the longer the product has, will be more important.

Profitability and risk

The profitability of investments is closely linked to the concept of risk, and vice versa. Under normal circumstances, the more risk you are willing to take, the more profitability you can get but the potential losses are also higher. Let’s say for example the Stock Exchange. If we analyze, for example, its 20-year performance and calculate it annually, historical series outperforms other assets considered safe, but if you invest in a shorter time horizon, for example, 5-10 years, and you encounter a crisis financial like the one we just lived, what you get are losses. In other words, having a long term investment allows us to be able to bet on products with more risky investments, but with moments when risk can lead to losing part of what has been earned.

Risk profile

These possibilities must always contrast with our risk profile. The risk profile defines our ability and attitude to tolerate losses that may occur in investments. If we do not want to have losses, even if we start saving a lot of time in advance, we should only bet on products that guarantee our capital such as the Aegon Insurance Plan (PPA), with an interest rate of 1.5% on the 4 first months and currently an assured minimum of 0.6%. If your profile is more risky and you are tolerant to take losses, you can choose other alternatives of more risk.

Of course, you always have to adjust the investment to the remaining time for your retirement. As this moment approaches, it is necessary to protect the accumulated savings, consolidate it, choosing lower risk products such as PPAs. The objective is to reduce the chances of losses or even eliminate them to ensure everything saved and earned in the years of preparation for retirement.


  • 23 projects are approved in the second call of CIEN, with nearly 140 million euros of public contribution

  • The approved initiatives will generate 6,399 jobs, most of them highly qualified

Image result for cdtiThe Board of Directors of the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) , a body under the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, has approved 44 new R + D + i projects with a total budget of 203 million euros. The CDTI will provide more than 152 million euros to boost business R & D & i.

23 projects have been approved in the second edition of the CIEN strategic program, 4 individual R & D projects and 17 project of the Innovation Hotline. In the development of these projects, 704 companies participate, of which 62% are SMEs and, of these, 43% belong to medium and high technology sectors. Of the total of the companies involved, 256 (36%) receives funding from the CDTI for the first time.

The CDTI estimates that the sum of these initiatives will mean the generation of 2,203 direct jobs that will mobilize 4,196 indirect jobs. In total, 6,399 jobs for the economy as a whole.

CIEN strategic program

This program is intended to finance large industrial research projects and experimental development, developed by business consortiums and aimed at carrying out planned research in strategic areas of the future and with potential international projection.

The CDTI has approved 23 CIEN projects in which more than 150 different companies participate, with a contribution commitment of 140 million euros and close to 187 million euros of mobilized investment.

Projects co-financed with FEDER funds

The CDTI has approved 3 projects co-financed with funds from the new 2014-2020 FEDER round-Pluri-Regional Operational Program for Smart Growth-, with a public contribution ( CDTI + FEDER ) of 1.67 million euros, two of them in ” more developed areas “and the third in” areas in transition “, according to the definition of ERDF.

The implementation of the Pluri-Regional Operational Program for Smart Growth has allowed the CDTI to increase the non-reimbursable tranche to 20% for all projects that have co-financing from this program, regardless of the size of the beneficiary.

5 economic countries to travel

Related imageIt is the dream of many to get on an airplane and cross the ocean to know distant and unknown lands. In fact, it is one of the objectives that most commonly appear in the lists of New Year’s resolutions for Mexicans, but which most of them fail to comply with because they think that in order to travel, much is needed for one thing: money.

And as we already have too many personal expenses, we relegate that dream until it seems an impossible thing. But the reason for this article is to tell you that you can travel, that never like today has been so easy and that, in addition, can be very cheap, if you plan your trip with time and intelligence.

I say intelligence because if your plan is to travel without finishing all your savings, you should not decide to take that trip to, for example, Venice or the city of New York, places that are known to be extremely expensive. Instead of traveling there, why do not you go to places that are more extraordinary, unique and exotic, and much cheaper?

Maybe your answer is that you do not know which sites are like that. Well, do not hesitate anymore, because here we present a list of five countries where you can travel with very little money.


1. Thailand

This beautiful country in Southeast Asia is known among backpackers for being one of the most paradisiacal places that can be visited with little money. Thailand is a tropical country with a very rich culture and food worthy of the most demanding palates. Some of the reasons why this beautiful place known as the Land of Smiles is so cheap is because you can visit several of its main attractions without paying a penny: the amazing beaches and the delicate Buddhist temples.


2. Vietnam

Although the name of this country can cause your first thought to be war, because of the famous war that took place along with the United States more than forty years ago, Vietnam is a place like no other that charms its visitors. Perhaps it is their beautiful rural landscapes with rice fields and mountains, or perhaps the fact that you can enjoy the best dishes of their cuisine in small plastic stools on the edge of the street. The delicious coffee, the beautiful coastline with tropical beaches and the mountains with indigenous groups that boast of their colorful culture are other reasons why you can not miss this country.



3. India

India is a country that will overwhelm all your senses. From the multicolored fabrics worn by women in their typical clothes, to the smells and flavors of one of the most delicious cuisines in the world, India is a transformative experience and, believe me, you will never be the same again. This country is one of the largest in the world and offers so many attractions that although you will visit a couple a day, there would be no way to end it in a year. Among its most popular sites are the Taj Mahal, one of the wonders of the world, the sacred river Ganges, the desert landscapes of Rajasthan and the beautiful beaches of the south.


4. Poland

If a trip to Asia is not your thing, because of the distance or because you die to get to know Europe, then I recommend a holiday in Poland, one of the most economical and at the same time beautiful countries in the Old World. This place drains interesting history and has nothing more and nothing less than fourteen sites named Patrimonies of Humanity by Unesco. You can spend your days here getting to know cities with beautiful architecture, such as Krakow and Warsaw, walking in the woods, tasting their famous vodka or touring all the country’s castles.

5. Turkey

Our last recommendation is about a place between Europe and the Middle East: Turkey, a huge country that you should visit even once in your life. This nation has it all, from small villages full of magic and towering mountains, to Mediterranean beaches and ruins of ancient empires. Because it is located in one of the most privileged locations, both geographically and culturally, Turkey is a place like no other. Visit the spectacular mosques of Istanbul, get on a hot air balloon in Cappadocia and swim in the hot springs of Hierapolis.

There you have five very economical countries for your next trip. Which of them attracted you the most? Remember that traveling with little money is possible, you just have to plan it well.